Innovative use of a pocket comb… at least for ~50%

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Not much story; cute teen though.. maybe a tad reckless. View if bored…


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Nice short film : )

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it : )


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I don't get it. What did he do with the comb? Seriously, I rewatched it and still don't understand what's so important about the comb, or why he even had it. Am I not gay enough to understand it?

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You're serious... aren't you?

I should just let you stew. It's a substitute tape measure with a sorta built-in means of "record keeping!" Get it?

Btw... You don't even have to be gay!

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That's sort of dumb. What's the point in him sneaking into the guy's house, then?

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Just maybe...

He wanted to know if any prizes might be lying in wait... Dunno!

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Like what?

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Envy... Maybe?

From a kindred spirit... :)

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That kind of makes sense, I guess.