soon to be alone with my plants

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i'm leaving town a week from now: every 'i love you' is just more gasoline on your burnout dreams

i've found the chance to start a new life
and never look back
on this fucking nightmare

i'm taking it & i hope you won't die again

i hope you know
i really did love you more than all of them
even when you were sick
and especially because you were sick: i see that now
and i'm sorry i fooled myself
into fooling you
that i could offer something more

i'm sorry i don't have more steel inside me

(no one will even know i'm leaving until the day of, sorry everyone)


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Wishing you the very best...

The "new life" is the wish of so many; I really, really hope so much that your efforts prove successful.

You deserve it!

And... please post an update after you've found that happiness...

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Very beautiful...

Sadly, I'm a bit too buzzed listening to Ludwig Van to comment much on your aria here. I will doubtless add much more later.

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It goes without saying that you have my support, but I do wish you wouldn't beat yourself up. You offered him hope and encouragement when no one else did, and gave him more opportunity and reason to change than he ever had before you. Ultimately, it will be his decision when he's ready to change. That was never something you could affect...

I look forward to hearing of your new plans.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles