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Tears of black tears of red
No tears of blue
I said
I don't see where I'm going
he said 'Neither do I
but I know what I'm gonna do
do you?'
I looked at him and thought
'he's so pretty'
and thought
'What a man'
and said
'I'm going with you
Wherever you go.
Whatever you do.
Whatever you say.'
he said
'I'm okay with that, girl.
But if you want
to stay
I have to warn you
and say
I got nowhere to go.
I got nowhere to run.
I got nowhere to hide.'
I said 'baby
If you gave me a gun
and told me to shoot
I'd do it
I'd go right ahead
I'd follow you wherever
I'd do whatever
you say
'till I'm dead'
he said
'I don't really know
what to think of that
but to tell you the truth
I kinda like your style'
I cried
tears of red
he cried
tears of black
And there
were no tears of blue
to be found
and he
took me up
on my offer and I
flew with him into
and I said
'I love you'
he said
'Yeah, I know'
he said
'I love you too but I
gotta let go'
and he
Dropped me down
and I fell to the ground
and I looked up at him
and cried
cuz all around I saw
Tears of red tears of black
No tears of blue
All the tears I wept
were for you
and I
Miss him badly
and I
Want to let go
cuz he
ain't coming back.