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Regarding a topic mentioned in my last journal that seems to have been overlooked:

I'd appreciate it if someone would help me out a bit to get through the weekend. No more class with this guy would be a pretty big deal, so I'm not doing too well right now. There's just been a discomfort following my mood even when my mind's off of the subject, and it's making me feel like shit.


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No... not overlooked...

But true (i.e., useful) advice is not always the easiest to summon… even if the wish to do so is quite visceral.

You're bored, anxious, and have recently experienced the confusing pangs of… dare the topic be mentioned?… possible affection for another (Jan 13)!

Maybe you could relax your inhibitions just a bit… give him a call or text and say, "I know this is coming at you out of the blue… but what are you doing this weekend… if you're free, maybe we could meet for coffee or whatever…"


There's also no reason not to be more forthright in approaching potential kindred spirits here on Oasis… Actually, I'm pleased to see that you're already making oh-so-subtle inroads in that direction! Yes… the change is quite dramatic (and quite welcomed).

Or… am I mistaken?

Anyway… if you fail to take action… pick up a good book. Me… I've just graduated to Kindle!

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I don't like coffee.

I'll ask in person about something. He's mentioned that he'd like to be able to play guitar, which I have a decent amount of experience in, so there's that. I thought I was being direct, but it looks like it was overshadowed by all the other stuff I included with it last journal entry.

I already have a good book. It's called House of Leaves. (It isn't available on Kindle, as an electronic version of the book would be literally impossible to do.)

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You can feel free to PM me,

You can feel free to PM me, if you want. I'll check on here frequently and respond to your messages as quickly as I can.

I had no idea you were developing affection for someone. Do you have his phone number? Or can find him on Facebook and message him? You could always ask him to hang out, which I know can be pretty hard to do, but just taking that risk may really pay off for you.

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I've been emailing with him.

It seems like he doesn't really check his email much except when he's expecting something, though. His face is not in the book and I do not have his phone number (if he even has one). He's one of those people, like me, who prefers actual conversation over online messages when communicating with real life friends.

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You seemed to not know whether that would be the case, or whether it might even be happening, so that seems to be crucial information to obtain before letting it light a path in a lonely direction that reality may not follow.

Of course, were it to pass that you wouldn't have class with him anymore, it is also your opportunity to mention it to him, and see where it might lead. "Oh, we're not going to have a class together anymore. I kept meaning to ask if you wanted to do (insert blank) sometime, since you seemed interesting" etc., etc.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Well that wording wouldn't really be appropriate,

since we've known each other for about a year and a half and have been talking almost every day as much as possible. I could ask my sister how it works with health classes, since she's already gone through it, but I'm afraid of a bad answer and uncertainty in this situation would be better than being certain of a negative outcome.

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If you've known him for a while and talk all the time, seems pretty easy to casually continue that vibe in other settings. If you do end up not seeing him in class, just run into him and just say you should hang out sometime.

I mean, you're just building a friendship, no need to overthink it. Interpersonal communication isn't an adversarial pursuit.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I know.

I was just letting you know that you were misunderstanding the situation.