Things are not going well.

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Everybody else is seeing Pat the Bunny and Matt Pless in concert in Baltimore, and I stay at home napping and being unhappy all day. This four-day weekend is going to be boring. Nobody showed up at lunch today, so I had to spend the period in the woods, getting muddy and exploring my mind. Today was the last day of PE, my favorite class, so I get to start listening to bullshit in health and I don't get a period to wake me up in the morning any more, so that's fun. The most exciting part of my day wasn't that great, anyway; who needs fun sports when you can listen to what the school thinks drugs are instead? There may also be a possibility of no longer having any classes with the person I mentioned last journal, too, because of this; but I don't know how this works, so I'll have to wait and see. In the meantime I will be very tense, unhappy, bored, and lonely. Things are going well.

Also, the dream I had a couple of hours ago seems worth recording:

I was in some sort of massive space station that apparently acted like an airport for spacecraft. Despite the definitive aspects of outer space, the environment was light blue and there were thin nimbus clouds all over.

Anyway, I apparently was not authorized to be in this thing, but that was irrelevant to my purpose of being there. Throughout the dream, I was travelling from one end to the other killing whoever was in my way as I attempted to take control of the thing. I have no idea what I was trying, but I seemed nearly alone, with no signs of being under any kind of orders, and accompanied only by one or two other people.

The space station was oblong and shaped somewhat like a vehicle (maybe the X-33 space plane, but more parallel and rigid, and with a broader front end). The front end was relatively shallow, with the ceiling raising toward the stern. Everything there was very reminiscent of western science fiction; there was some sort of artificial gravity being generated within the structure and the entrances looked almost exactly like those in the Death Star. Strangely, though, the people seemed to be dressed very realistically, and I was using real-life weapons, like handguns and knives.

The shallower end was home to the only docks for spacecraft, forcing me to make my way through the long end of the complex. What appeared to be the control room (very much shaped like the bridge of a barge) was actually an antechamber to the actual one, which was a small, round turret, big enough for no more than two people, and extending no more than ten feet from the surface, slightly toward the starboard end, and a bit to the bow, of the "bridge" we were in. There were many of these dotting the upper side of the station (some of which I remember using to control cranes to destroy walls, killing those on the inside). The only way into the control room was to leave the antechamber through a door on the right and climb the distance to the door of the turret.

I, of course, already knew all this at the time (as I was somehow already very familiar with the layout and operation of the station), so I shot the guards in the room, who were wearing green WWI-style uniform with side caps, and pressed a button to open the doors of the control turret, forcing the two operators out. We climbed into the room and took control of the entire station. I can't remember what we did with it.

This weekend will be very boring, so I will likely have mastered this song by Tuesday:


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why are you not going to said concert?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I ain't got no ride.

baltimore is too far to walk

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Being alone in the woods

is awesome. Music too.

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I love taking walks there. Behind the football field is this huge practice area (that gets really muddy at this time of year), and behind that is this big series of paths through a small forest area. It's so beautiful in there and has such strange scenery (like random police tape and a completely moss-covered stream) that there's just nothing else like it when I want to free my imagination.