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My head is a pulsating void. All I can hear is this ringing and the sound of my heart beat, driving me insane. I'm in inescapable pain and I am helpless and immobile. My throat is burnt to soot and dry. I'm slowly learning to walk again.

So I had to take the day off of school. This was not a fun weekend. At least it isn't as bad as it was yesterday.


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What happened?

You come down with the flu? Or is it worse than that, I can't imagine what would prevent you from being able to get on your feet. If it's a cold, use cold-eze, it'll run the cold right out of you in like two or three days. It's best to have some on hand, because if you take it at the onset of symptoms, it'll actually prevent the cold from taking hold. If it's the flu, your doctor can prescribe Tamiflu.(As long as your not allergic) Hope you feel better soon.

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I think it's probably the flu.

The worst of it is gone now. I can walk again without feeling like I'm about to collapse, and I can no longer hear my heartbeat. Unfortunately I have other symptoms now, like coughing, dizziness, extreme lightheadedness, and a bit of nausea. It feels like my sense of hearing is somehow pulsating, too. Sickness never lasts long for me, but it does get very bad.