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I just remembered this site used to have a search bar, a real monster that if you clicked on it basically guaranteed that your browser would freeze for half an hour before coming up with nothing fruitful.
How long has that been gone, I wonder? I guess I don't remember seeing it for a while...


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I think I remember using it

I think I remember using it sometime last summer so probably not quite a year

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The search bar...

was removed a while ago, since it was a processor hog and not very useful. It was thought it may have been related to the server crashes, since bots could use it to tie up the server needlessly and unknowingly, etc.

As for your other query elsewhere, I tend to be on the site once a day anymore, as in I literally have software that blocks it for 24 hour periods, since I'm working on my novel now (well, I have insomnia right now, but in the larger now I'm at my vacation property in Myrtle Beach, SC, working on my novel for 5 weeks). As for why I am not commenting on anarchist's posts, that is by request.

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I noticed that, too.

I was looking for the search bar so I could try and find that guy oldfoxbob who used to post here, because I coincidentally saw a comment he made on a Facebook page last week.

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Just type this

followed by user name: http://oasisjournals.com/user/