I Hate The Flu!

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I've been sick the last two weeks, and got out of the hospital Friday after being there a few days with a flu/pneumonia combination that could have gotten really bad for me. The good news is I'm better, bad news is basketball season for me is over.

I shouldn't be too surprised by that really, especially after missing practice because I was too weak, but it's kind of like after all the dedication and practice it's just over for now. My school had a chance at playoffs with me on the team, and not to sound cocky, without me it would have been that much harder.

I asked my brother Hayden to text my friends and keep them up to date with my condition while I was in the hospital, and that opened up a bunch of questions about Luke that I wasn't expecting? I have a pics of each friend that come up when I send a text, and the pic of Luke is something you'd send a girl, if you know what I mean.

Right after we left the hospital our dad stopped to get gas and while he was pumping it Hayden asked me about Luke...how did I know him...why hadn't I ever talked about him...and then he just asked about the pic...

"It's his favorite pic of himself, he really likes it"

"I read the texts Brady...I had no idea...I never thought you were...you know?"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be, it's cool, but you're the last one I would have thought of like that?"

Our dad opened the door and we stopped talking, and didn't say anything else until we got home. While dad made us lunch Hayden and I just sat in my bedroom on the couch next to each other, and after a while he put his arm around me like we always do. He told me how worried he was about me, and that we'd figure things out.

Later that night I texted Luke and were passed a few texts back and forth before I told him that Hayden knew about us...and Luke took a long time to reply.

When he did, he told me Hayden asked him a bunch of questions about us and things we did, not regular questions but like questions someone who thinks they're gay would ask.

We'll figure things out? Maybe I'm not the one who's doing the figuring out?

It feels good to be back!



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Glad you're feeling better.

Seems like texting would be more beneficial if you're laid up in the hospital, though, as opposed to watching The View all morning, no?

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