I just feel like writing.

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I know I'm sort of clogging this place, but things are going well. Besides the crushing migraine, aching eyes, relentless cough, distressed throat, and periodic nausea. Other than that, I'm fine.

You-know-who was happy to see me after the break (and produced a very large smile upon seeing me near), and we ended up talking for longer than we should have (or at least longer than the school would have wanted). I was very late to class, but that teacher doesn't give a fuck about anything so it doesn't matter.

On a related note, I realized that Valentines Day will not be a happy day for me. Too bad I looked up when it is. I can't forget that now.

Anyway, have some good space rock. We all need a little space rock in our life.

I'm just sitting here chugging throat drops and hoping for the pain to go away. I'll have to take the day off school tomorrow again.


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As I recall...

at least during my grade school years (grades 1-8), all students in a particular grade sent individual Valentines to all others in the same grade --- boys and girls! I don't think this continued once in high school! I realize that this could become quite unwieldy if class size was much over 30 (typical for me).

It would be interesting to know what your intentions may be!

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I feel that that would be a strange and silly ritual, bringing valentines in high-school. It would conjure images of childishness, and that's really why it's not done, methinks. Not to mention the likelihood of having some-odd 7 classes of 30+ students, yea?

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Actually, that stopped in elementary school.

The students in my physics class decided to revive it, though, out of nostalgia, and we're all supposed to bring candy to class.

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Well, this sucks. Fuck.

School has been cancelled tomorrow due to weather, so now I won't even get to see the person I have feelings for on Valentines Day. I will be alone tomorrow and forced to spend the day unsuccessfully trying to convince myself that it's only a meaningless commercial holliday.

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The weather on the east coast has truly sucked!

Find some excuse to get in touch with him so that you can share the misery together.

btw... my young gneph (your neighbor) who's a great help to me these days during my knee rehab is thankful that he's here rather than there. His fiance, however, is keeping him up to date (skype, etc.) on all the weather excitement he's missing! :(

Give your special friend a call; he'll be happy to hear from you!

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I don't have his phone number.

And I'm not going to email him. Not only is it unlikely that he'll reply, but how pathetic is it going to look if I email him on Valentine's Day? Letting someone know that you're alone at home on Valentine's Day is unattractive from any perspective.

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So... I'm assuming that you do have his email!

This is not just Valentine's Day... it's also a "snow day..." right?

You do not have to blatantly express your obsession with him (which I applaud)... but are there no other totally "innocent" explanations for why you might want to contact him?

You're a bit hasty in assuming that his response (or non-response) will not be to your liking. I "know" that syndrome... but you must break out of it. (I fully acknowledge that for one with your psychology it's easier said than done. :( )

Find some subterfuge... the day is escaping!

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I've already explained this countless times.

I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet. The majority of times that I email him, he doesn't reply at all. Usually this is because he'd rather discuss the topics in person, or because he apparently keeps falling asleep. Only two emails I've sent him have ever gotten a reply, so I've given up on trying.