I need someone to make me feel better

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The GM-Hope-MasterForce-Thief-polystyrenegenerator-gman urged me to meet him at a specific location today, and then was absent. It seemed that he had disappeared for the rest of the day without warning, leaving me to burn out the lights of the sunless corner of sublime elusiveness with no foam trayholder.The only times I even got to talk to him were either really short or he was talking to a bunch of other people and we didn't even have a real conversation. Why he didn't give me any warning is a mystery, but what a fucking way to end the week. Fuck it, nobody's even going to fucking read this post, let alone respond to it. I'm the only person who still uses this web site any more. This place is so fucked right now.


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I really feel bad right now.

My emotions are just out of control now. I know he really likes me so I don't know why in worrying so much about what happened, but it's put me in an awful mood. I'm going to some friends' concerts tomorrow and I feel like being around a lot of people might make this even worse.

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"I feel like being around a lot of people might make this even worse."
This place should be perfect for you, then, maybe you should move in :P

Sorry, I have not the strength to offer any more than feeble jokes.

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Thanks anyway.

The concert actually did lift my spirits. Being at a show with so many people who all knew each other was a really fun experience, and I even played a quick song in the after party. We were all friends and we had a great time.

My mind still returns to this issue, however. It's more inquisitive than bereaved now, though.

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I feel the same way...

It seems you can never have enough of the person you are attracted to. A quick "hi" will make your day! And you will feel really bad when it's over. Freeze that moment and be happy for a while.

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I just replay these moments until the next one happens.

It keeps me in the illusion of contentedness for long enough most of the time. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I usually try to pass these moments with long naps (or silent moments of chaotic mental noise lying in bed), but I can't sleep infinitely.