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I am in a terrible mood for some reason. There was a tornado warning at school, so we stayed in the hall for about half an hour past the scheduled dismissal time, with no power. And I didn't know anyone there well enough to have an enjoyable conversation, so I was bored and lonely. The entire time, I was just wondering where You-Know-Who was. Then, I had to endure the torture of watching him walk by later while I had to stay in the bus, which apparently was worse than not seeing him at all. I had had two decent conversations with him earlier that day, but for some reason I felt like I really needed to talk to him after that terrible event (beside the fact that he was wearing a really nice shirt today; it perfectly complimented everything about him).

Aside from how I'm feeling right now, that was a pretty surreal experience. The class I was having when that happened for some reason has been the setting of three of my strangest dreams, so to have the power go out and sit in the hallway in the dark with that class felt weird as fuck. I felt like I was in a dream, but in real life. It felt like some sort of hallucination at times. It also seemed quiet somehow. Not in an auditory way, but something felt quiet about the atmosphere, in a profound way.


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In the event you think no one understands...

I know (oh, too well) that feeling you experienced on that final sighting of him for the day (in that nice shirt!).

You've "got it bad"... but that's good!

Be patient... and I think you know how to to tame those raging hormones? :)

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I wanted to disagree with that last part.

But I can't find a reason to any more. Fuck. I really wish I could figure out why I want to disagree with that so much.

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If you want to disagree...

I don't think you can sincerely feel this way without knowing why!

I certainly hope that it is not a feeling of shame; that'd be so sad.

Your feelings are exceptionally normal!

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A tornado warning? That

A tornado warning? That sounds so weird.. we never get them here in Aus!