School is a big bitch

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School is seriously going to kill me, I'm full of work and I'm way too stupid to do it the day they assign it, plus midterms are really hard and I need to write an autobiography and I don't want to do it specially because I need to mention the events that changed me and I don't know if I should write about my depression, but I don't know who I would be right now if I didn't suffer from all the shit in my life and seriously fuck the guy who said that 11th grade is easy and you don't do anything.

Other stuff that I feel like writing is that I still haven't talked to my best friend about my drunk night and apparently it won't happen, I lost all my feelings for him, except the one that makes me feel safe; Nico broke up with the ginger bitch and today I got a text from an old friend mostly asking about how's my life going, love interests, school and I find it odd because that friendship died 3 years ago when all that shit from my old school happened.


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The benefit of an autobiography is you determine what events are covered. There's no reason you have to write about something if you don't want to.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I've got a big blockage in my head, I can't remember things and it's really frustrating but I talked with the teacher and told me that It'd be better if I wrote a story.