The pimple of a pub's pet dragon.

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Conversations with Gman always put me in an unmanageably good mood when I get home, and I don't know what to do when I'm this happy but also this bored.

He seemed kind of awkward in a way on our first encounter today. Like he wanted to keep talking with me longer than we ended up talking, but he also wanted to seem casual about it. (If my wording is too confusing there, the conversation ended up coming to a close because I started to say bye at the same time as he wanted to talk more, and he immediately stopped himself and nonchalantly agreed with me.) As weird as it may sound, I really liked that; maybe he enjoys my company even more than it seems. It's just a thought, anyway.

He still smiles every time we talk, which fills me with joy. It seems like no matter what, he's always happy to see me, even if I feel like he won't be. I've been getting more confident about starting conversations with him as a result. Maybe this'll help my overall confidence if I channel it right, or just subconsciously. It's definitely been helping my sadness and misanthropy disappear. He always looks sort of sad when he's alone, though, so that kind of makes me feel bad.

So in conclusion, nothing is really new, and I just needed to get my feelings out in a more direct way than my poetry ends up being.

I have replaced my cluttered stereo system with two minimal and compact pieces that have opened up a lot of space and also increased the quality (and aesthetic) of my system. In the process, I met the only other person in the world (or at least the country) who listens to new age music. He was Vietnamese and seemed to be very adherent to his native culture, which was interesting to me. I also went west to Winchester, Virginia, where I saw orchards of twisted old apple trees with no leaves. I felt like I was in another world.