Valentine's Day: South Town.

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I woke up that morning unusually active. I found myself finished with some studies earlier. The Weather Channel promised a very nice and bright day, yes, that day I put on my finest flower-print overshirt. I had decided I'd been studying quite a bit the past few weeks and with no plans for the day I chose to buy myself a gift.

Insanely vain and odd of me, I had thought. But there I was dressed brightly and with my ℞ aviators. Facial hair groomed and with some cologne, I was nowhere near modest. But this day, I strangely didn't care. I walked maybe two blocks to the nearest bus stop, no one there I patiently waited and pondered exactly what I was looking for.

I had decided on headphones, my old pair finally broke. The plastic was old, brittle and finally gave. The speakers were already on the way out too, they had built up static in the magnets. So I was going to buy a new pair, but what brand? This I left up to the point in which I'd have a selection physically in front of myself.

A stop later and a upon entering the store a tall dark and handsome twenty-something greeted me. He'd asked if I needed any assistence in finding something. He seemed quite nice, perhaps of Iranian descent as his nametag would've suggested. I asked if they still carried the "skullcandy" headphones.

He quickly got on the task searching for some in stock and the small display lacked any on display. He even got one more assistant to help him. Before I knew it a third assistant came up and asked if I was interested in a pair that was left in the store by an ex-employee. He told me they were broken but still working.

I felt instantly offended, for reasons I still can't figure out. I'm not sure if this particular assitant was mocking me or just had diarrhea of the mouth. He went on for a while about the leftover broken headphones. Soon the first assistant told me he'd search in the back of the store. It was at this point a different assistant came up to me.

At this point I was wondering how exactly All these assistants were able to pop up seemingly to help me and only me. The new assistant did try in vain to sell me some LG headphones, but they were those type that went inside the ear. I told him I was not interested, again the broken headphones guy tried to make me an offer, quite annoying.

I did politely assure him I was not interested. I was quite flattered that all these assistants were on hand to help me though. I attributed it to my being well dressed, but I didn't think I could dress so well! If that was in fact the case mind you. So assistant number one shows up with a beautiful pair of Sony headphones.

I looked it over for five seconds and decided to buy them. Upon thanking all the other assistants I headed to a register with assistant number one, which he really ought to be, Assistant #1. Transaction complete I thanked him again, and he gave me a little business card. I thought it was probably a traditional thing.

I did however wish that he meant more than "Just call me if you have any questions or..." I can't seem to remember what he said after that. But accepting that for what it truly was I was still delighted with my new headphones. There I was again at the bus stop, with many people... Here I was, so brightly dressed and with a little lime green bag to boot.

It brought up the thought that maybe I was a showoff. But it couldn't be, I'm not rich by any means. I'm fairly close to being middle class. But we can toss around fairly all day with that. I just felt a little shamed by my vanity for a few minutes. Then I let it go, because fuck it I had new headphones that I saved up for.

Upon heading home I instantly tried out the headphones. I never knew headphones could sound like these new ones did. Music was never heard and or listened to the same way after that wonderful day. The events went down in under an hour. But those wonderful headphones have been keeping in a good mood. :-)


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Floral overshirts aren't gay at all.

Anyway, it is amazing how music can be changed so much by a new means of listening. Whenever I get a new piece of hear I always want to listen to all of my music to hear it new. Too bad the magic's worn off for my subwoofer. Everything that starts out a luxury just becomes a necessary part of music to me. Are your headphones open or closed?

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Small bucket headphones,

they look like these.

I relived the magic of some of my favorite songs that day. A way to avoid the magic wearing off is to remember that the more you do it, the less special it becomes. I try to space out my headphone time to avoid any damage to my hearing too. I suspect that I may have some hearing imperfections from years earlier, I'd hate to exacerbate that.

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"I was nowhere near modest... It brought up the thought that maybe I was a showoff.. I just felt a little shamed by my vanity for a few minutes..."

Jeez, you dressed up nice and had a good day. No reason to do anything but enjoy it... no second guessing required.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Yeah I get that,

but second guessing things is the hallmark of an average student, it is also a failing of many as well.