A... good thing????

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So, I am experiencing a rare period of time during which everything is going better than expected. This is alien to me. Today was literally the best I've felt this entire semester. That's not a very high bar, of course, but still! Wow!

Don't know how long it'll last. I mean, I do have a huge presentation on Monday and then I have to start studying for more tests that are the first week of April. But it's here today, and that's really something after the way I've felt for so long.

It has been brewing for a while, I guess. A couple of weeks ago, I made a 100 on my sociology midterm. I don't know how that can happen, but it did, and that was cool. I mean, yeah, it's only sociology, but trying to make an A on anything at all at this freaking school is like trying to climb Mt. Everest naked. (The Class of 2018 got their acceptances today, and in my school's Tumblr tag there are so many posts of people freaking out that they got that same scholarship that I have... I wonder how many of them are going to be neurotic messes in a year's time.) And also, for some reason, apparently the average grade was a B-. This is really beyond me because that exam was a huge joke, and I say this as someone who does NOT regularly make good grades on exams. I didn't do super great on my economics one, but I did score like 10 points above the average and the class is graded on a curve, so that's pretty okay. I don't know how I did on finance a few days ago. It's probably up by now, but I don't want to stress myself out by looking at it today, so it can wait. I don't want to see it right now because the professor said he usually scales them but didn't say whether he does it immediately or waits until the end of the semester, and if I look at it before going to class then I won't know if what I'm seeing is the scaled version or not.

I also had a pretty good spring break. I mean, it was uneventful, of course, but it was relaxing, which is always a plus. Oh, and I finally found something for me to do! In my last journal I mentioned learning a bit of web development in my free time. But there's this group at my school that's looking to become a full-fledged club next year focused on all that kind of stuff! I went to one of their meetings last week, and this girl I knew beforehand was there, and she said we should work on something together sometime... except I'm not actually that good yet but she said it was okay...

But the best part of it all started today. I got to hang out with Cute Blonde Girl this morning, which is generally a promising start to any day. We love to try new coffee places, so we went to this one about a fifteen minute walk from campus. You know what's the best? Being awake before almost everyone else on campus and walking down the street, just me and her. Only us. No one annoying in sight. It's so great.

I have to go to the art museum for one of my classes. It's a very strange assignment that has little to do with the actual class, but okay. I have like two weeks to do it, and I invited her to go along with me. I thought she wouldn't be into it, but actually she said, "Oh my gosh, yes!! Like, five times yes!!!" but it depends on our schedules. I'd love to go to the art museum with her, though. I really hope it happens.

Anyway, while we were at the coffee shop, Cute Blonde Girl told me the second best thing she could've possibly said: "So I've decided not to spend next semester in New Zealand after all." (I'll leave you to imagine what the best thing she could've possibly said would be, haha.) Yeah, she decided that she didn't want to miss running cross country next season, so she isn't going abroad! IT'S A MIRACLE!

Literally like three days ago, I was starting to worry a lot about what next semester would be like if she went to New Zealand. And I don't know, but I just thought, for some reason, that maybe she wouldn't care about me anymore when she came back to America. I didn't really have any reasoning behind this except that going to New Zealand is obviously way cooler than sitting around drinking caffeinated bean water with me. But also, I didn't want her application to go abroad to get rejected or anything because I don't want bad things to happen to her. I don't want her to be upset, ever. Hell, I never even told her I wished she wouldn't go because I didn't want to make her feel bad about it. I'd really just hoped that she'd decide on her own that she didn't want to go after all. And now she has! Something I hoped for actually happened! A miracle, I say! A miracle!

The rest of the morning was pretty normal. She's really stressed about organic chemistry right now. She's expecting to get a C in it, and it's really upsetting her a lot because she thinks that "anything less than a B+ is basically an F." I relate to this sentiment very, very strongly because it is my entire life this semester. She said that she's so worried about it that she's literally stressing herself sick. This part does make me very sad to hear. I don't want her to feel like ME all the time! Poor Cute Blonde Girl. I wish there was something I could do.

She was highly impressed with my making a 100 on one of my exams because A's are rare enough, but 100s are practically unheard of here. And then she realized that she doesn't have lab this week, and she smiled so big and covered her face with her hands and started laughing because she has "6 free hours! Oh gosh, what to do with all that time?"

Her parents are coming to town next month. I wonder if I will get to meet them. I'm afraid I would act awkward if I did meet them. Like, what would I even say? (Something stupid, most likely.) She wants to take them to the coffee place we went to this morning because she thinks it's the cutest. The family members of hers that I really want to meet most of all are her sisters, though. She has two sisters, one's 22 and one's 17, so they're all spaced out more or less evenly. She always talks about them all the time.

Oh, haha, she also gained an additional admirer at coffee this morning. The coffee shop we went to also does crepes, so it's more like a cafe, I guess. There were a lot of families with kids. The people sitting next to us had a baby and a little boy who might have been about 4. The way the place is set up, half the seats are standalone chairs and the other half are a long bench attached to the wall. I sat in the chair, and she sat on the bench. The little boy was also sitting on the bench, but for a while he was just eating his crepe and playing with his toys.... until he noticed that he was sitting next to a gorgeous lady! He then proceeded to lie down on the bench, scoot super close to her, and stare dreamily at her with his face in his hands for like 20 minutes. It was hilarious! When she noticed it happening, she got all giggly and embarrassed the way she always does when someone compliments her, even though this was a freakin' preschool kid, haha. (I must commend that little guy for already having the finest taste in women!) So I had to tease her, of course: "Aww Cute Blonde Girl, it looks like you've made a new friend today!" And she started giggling again and hid her face and said, "I guess I did!"

When we walked back to campus and had to part ways so that she could go to her weekend yoga class and then obsessively study organic chemistry, she told me to send her the details about our possible excursion to the art museum. Then I gave her a little hug and when I pulled away, I just felt so content. Like, for ONCE in the past two months, it actually didn't feel like the entire universe was just crashing to shit around me. I actually took most of the day off for once. Tomorrow's going to be all business anyway since my group has to shape up our presentation one last time, so why not enjoy my rare moment of contentment? I typed up some notes into the study guides I always make and read half a chapter of sociology, but then I relaxed for awhile and went shopping for a new outfit for my presentation on Monday. (And got an awesome student discount!) I have to look super hot because that's the class with that super hot Norwegian girl, you see. It makes total sense. Also, there's the whole losing a size since the last time I had to dress professionally thing, which I guess is my "real" justification for my shopping trip...