a love story

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so anyway more and more i just wanna get high and get fucked. gimme some weed and a ton of condoms and a ton of horny guys with big uncut cocks and I'll suck them and fuck them and be a fucking slave, just get me my fucking weed and i'll do whatever the fuck you want because it's the only fucking cure i have for this fucking shit. just die fucking die go away get away get away get out of my fucking head get the fuck out get out get out get out get out fucking die leave me the fuck alone shut the fuck up fuck fuck fuck
so anyway i sometimes think i should just stop moving and stop thinking and stop being sometimes i want to be nothing at all sometimes i look out and i see such beautiful things and i know i'm so fucking ugly and everything i make is so fucking ugly and i want to just stop i dont want to die i just want to fucking stop stop stop stop stop
i'm fucking tired so fucking tired get the fuck out get the fuck out get the fuck out i can't sleep i can't think over this fucking sound fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck stop stop stop make it stop get the fuck out so fucking tired die die die die die i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you just let me fucking get fucked all the time i don't care about anything else let me fucking get high and let me fucking get fucked and make it go away make it wash away in the pleasure and the smoke and let me fly away from the pain and the fear and the screams and let me just forget it all in the cocks and the cum and the smoke and let me forget everything in that glorious haze and let me get high enough to see god so i can ask him why because thats all i want i want to know is why i'd do anything to know why and sometimes i wonder about shrooms and peyote because maybe they;d help me know why and who knows maybe they'd make the sex good too just make the pain and the fear go away and i'll love you forever i'll do anything just make it go i promise i'll love you i promise i'll be your fucking slave just make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop i'm so sorry so sorry so sorry so sorry i love you please make it stop please


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MDMA was the drug being explored for treatment of sexual trauma and PTSD.

Details here: http://www.maps.org/research/mdma/

According to an article elsewhere: "Dr. Michael Mithoefer conducted small FDA-approved clinical trials using MDMA and a placebo. He found the drug - when administered in tandem with psychotherapy - helped patients recall traumatic, but long-buried, memories.

“So what we are seeing with MDMA is it seems to allow people to access the trauma, revisit it with a sense that they are not going to be overwhelmed by the fear and anxiety," Mithoefer says, "but at the same time, helps them to overcome whatever emotional numbing they have so they can connect with the emotions, and process the trauma that way.”

Two months after their sessions, 83 percent of the subjects who had been given MDMA had significantly fewer PTSD symptoms, or none at all, while 25 percent of subjects in the placebo group showed such improvements. And the benefits lasted more than three years."

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