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Over the last month since I last wrote on here there's been some real big changes in my life, the biggest is that I now have two younger brothers.

Right after I recovered from my flu/pneumonia combo dad sat Hayden and I down and updated us on our cousin David and his eight-year-old son Carter, and while they've never had it great David had just lost his job and if none of our relatives could take Carter in he'd have to turn him over to the state. Think of the poorest people you know and those two are even poorer.

David's been kind of the black sheep in our family, he knocked up a minister's daughter when he was my age and then refused to marry her when they were old enough, and when Carter was three she just split on them, signing away her parental rights. Our mom did that to us, so we understand how hard that is.

All of our relatives refused to take Carter in, and it came down to us and my dad couldn't say no. As he put it, we have everything he needs: A real father and two big brothers, and a safe home.

We decided that Hayden could move into the basement with me, giving Carter his own room upstairs, and we divided the basement into two small bedrooms and a central area with out homework zone and TV, and we've shared a bathroom before so we could both used the full bath down there.

Right after dad agreed to take Carter in David got a job working on a oil rig in South Dakota, and there's no way he could take Carter with him. After that dad told us in a year he was going to adopt Carter, that it was the best option for everyone.

We met David and Carter at a highway rest stop a few hours from where we live and we grabbed lunch and just sat at a table and talked, our cousins on one side and dad and us on the other. They really looked horrible, just the unimaginable strain they were both going through showed on their faces. David had his arm around Carter the whole time, and we took some pictures of them together. That could very well be the last time they are together in a long time, but I don't like to think about that.

When it was time to leave it was a bad sight, seeing both of them crying and hugging each other, and it took me back to the day mom left us.

Carter stood in the parking lot and watched his dad drive off until his truck was gone, and then turned around and just looked at us, tears in his eyes. He had wet his pants, and in the two Sterlite bins that had everything he owned there wasn't another pair of pants. I grabbed a pair of his undies, which were old and falling apart and a pair of my sweatpants that I keep in our SUV and took Carter into the men's room, washing his off and changing his clothes. He really needed a bath bad, and he had bruises on his butt that looked like they were from a belt.

Dad had hinted that he had been abused, and it was real obvious that he had been neglected. Carter's overweight by around twenty pounds, his teeth are in bad shape, and I can't imagine what his life had been like before he came to us.

On the way back to our house were kept Carted busy asking him important questions like what his favorite colors are and what sports teams he like, stuff like that. We stopped at a super Wal*Mart and dad and Hayden went shopping in while I stayed in the SUV with Carter, and I'm glad we did that, it was just a chance to talk with him. They came out about a hour later with a cart full of stuff for Carter, and it must have felt like Christmas to him!!!!

For some reason Carter just seemed to be totally comfortable with me from the beginning, and I'm not sure why? I'm not complaining either.

I've got a new little brother and I couldn't be happier!

I'm going to write more often on here now, and I'll be writing more about Carter as well as more gay stuff. It feels good to be back on here : )