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After baseball practice yesterday dad wanted me and Hayden to run some supplies to the hunting cabin we own that's about 20 minutes away. It's more like a shack, but we go there at least a few times a month, mostly in the spring and summer.

What I didn't tell Hayden was that I had Luke meet us out there with Jake, and really the reason I didn't tell him was I was afraid he wouldn't want to go. I mean you can't get nervous about something you don't know about it, right?

I told Luke where the spare key was so they could go inside and stay warm, and had him hide his pickup so Hayden wouldn't see it and get worried.

During the drive there Hayden and I were talking about practice, and we didn't change out of our practice gear on purpose. Luke has this gear thing, and he likes me sweaty. He tells me it makes him even hornier!

Hayden was in a good mood until we open the door of the cabin and walked in and he saw them sitting on the couch...he was almost pissed but I think he was just surprised.

I introduced Luke and Jake and then hugged both of them, locking lips with Luke. I think that freaked Hayden out a bit because it proved that I was gay to him for the first time. I mean you can talk all you want about it but it's not real until you see it.

We sat on the couch, with me sitting in front of Luke so he could rub my shoulders, and my brother in the center and Jake on the end. I was in heaven as Luke rubbed away my soreness, and I told Hayden to let Jake do the same to him.

It wasn't long before we had a mattress on the floor and Luke and I were under the sheets getting busy, but Hayden was still getting his shoulders rubbed over his shirt. Then he stood up and Jake got on his knees in front of him and I turned the other way, not wanting to see what was going to happen. Hayden soon found out why I call Jake "The Mouth".

Things were quiet between them for a while then I heard Jake praising Hayden for what he was doing, and I was relieved that Hayden was enjoying it. I was worried that he'd be grossed out or just run out of the cabin but he didn't. His first time was a good one.

We all got dressed and moved the supplies from my pickup to the cabin, and Jake and Hayden exchanged phone numbers before we left. We were quiet until we were halfway home and Hayden asked me if Luke was as good as a girl?

I told him he was better than a girl and he just smiled.

Now he knew.

At home dad made us shower before we could eat dinner, and we really didn't say much as we ate. We finished our homework and before going to bed Hayden gave me a hard, long hug and then exchanged a few texts with Jake, just like I did with Luke.

Part of me feels guilty about setting him up like that, but the more I think about it it would have happened sooner or later. I guess I'm lucky to have been there? Or was I an unwanted spectator?

I could use some comments on this one, good or bad?



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You're not likely to get a bunch of comments since it is safe to say no one is going to consider this a relatable experience. I mean, you and your boyfriend set up your brother and his cousin and then everyone is at a big blow job party together?

I would be more than happy to jump in and relate my background of my teenage sex party years, aside from the fact that they didn't happen. ;-)

It is hard to answer questions about an experience outside most people's backgrounds. Not sure what the answer is... and I understand wanting people to comment... but I'm not quite sure what you would expect people to say about any of this?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I can relate...sort of.

Last summer my older brother and his girlfriend had me come along on a boat ride with the boy she was watching for the summer, except the boy was actually a girl wearing boy clothes so my parents wouldn't get suspicious.

Just like your set you brother up, my brother did the same for me. Some things happened between the girl and I, but my brother doesn't know I'm gay yet, and I was actually attracted to the girl when I thought she was a boy. MAJORLY attracted I should say!

I like what your writing on here, it's telling a story that's a bit different from the others, but still interesting. I am also athletic and play three sports, and it's great to have someone on here write about being into sports AND gay. The gay athlete perspective seems to be in short supply on here!