Fun Friday

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I'm loving this day, first at school I had a really easy chemistry quiz, I'll probably fail it, but I can't give a fuck about it; practiced some choreography for three ours and we nene to do it for some event at school. After luch there was a thing for men's day (it was two days ago, but my school do this type of events on Fridays) and he girls are giving us a weekend in some cabins by a lake with everything included and it'll be really awesome, we just have to pay like $5000 pesos ($2,5 dollars) and the gas for the cars. When we finished school we were supposed to stay in school studying for some exam that gives the school some score and shows how good is it, but instead of staying we went to a mall just to eat in Subway and get some ice cream, stayed there for like 2 hours just mocking around and talked about a lot of stuff and then we went to some bar just to play pool, which I totally suck; it was really good, we had a lot of fun and I just got home, but I'm really happy about this day.


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I'm a bit unclear why you're happy that you not only failed your chemistry test, but that you failed an EASY chemistry test.

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