Good news for me.

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You-know-who finally told me about his girlfriend, for the first time ever. And the reason he told me this is because he broke up with her today. So this has lightened my mood even more than all my time with him yesterday did. We've been talking more and getting increasingly closer. He's even coming over to my place on my birthday. I've also been talking a bit with one of his friends and getting along pretty well.

I also saw and bootlegged a concert last Saturday, which was a ton of fun. There were about 40 people and I knew almost all of them, so it was a really exciting event. Unfortunately, nobody else recorded the concert so only the last three songs are on the internet. On the positive side, those three songs were the only ones that hadn't been recorded by the last band. Apparently there was some fake acid going around that I wasn't aware of, and I hear it was not very good at all.


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Apropos your first paragraph...

This sounds very encouraging! Hopefully, your friendship will continue to develop as you both would like.

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Something that I should possibly include...

He called the breakup "disappointing" because he didn't say what he wanted to, as he put it. It seems this could be interpreted in a number of ways.

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Be careful but...

Be careful but...

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I don't understand.