I make the best out of bad situations.

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Today felt pretty good regarding the topic I wrote about in the last journal entry. The yakow was really nice, and we had another one of the great conversations that we have every day, conversing nonstop for 45 minutes again. He seems pretty excited for this weekend, and has been checking the weather forecasts for Saturday every day. I've decided not to try and start a conversation when he's with his girlfriend, because that always ends up failing. I wish I could write more about this topic to express my good mood. I hate my emotions just being contained like this, but there isn't really any more to say, other than I love admiring his appearance, his mannerisms, and his voice for a full period every day. It's just a wonderful part of the day.

Driving is going very well. I've been starting on driving actual roads, really narrow ones, too. It makes me really fucking tired, but for some reason I keep getting an urge to go back and practice more, just like with musical instruments. My father's also decided that I'm doing well enough to drive myself to Yakow's house this weekend (if everything goes according to plan), since the way there is pretty simple.

I'd write about more shit, but I'm tired as fuck right now.


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I'm glad it's worked out for

I'm glad it's worked out for you this weekend and that you'll get some time to share with him. :)

I'm always impressed by people learning to drive. I remember when I tried learning three years ago, I was always too uncomfortable and tired to practice consistently, and eventually stopped because I'd make myself crazy..

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It hasn't worked out yet. Saturday is three days away. If it does work this time, though, I'll be with him for about three hours in the woods, and it'll be great.