I need to get my mind off this

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i'm too excited for this weekeeeeend, so i'll just let it out here. I don't know what to do until then, but i'll likely be bored. a friend stopped by my place and-a-gave me a baby agave. it feels like it's loosened up in the soil since then for some reason, but i'll try to take good care of it. he said that it's an agave azul, so it'll look cooler than that lawn ornament shit I see all over here. it's painful, though, and by the time it's fully grown I'm not sure where I'll put it. Also, I tried to get a driving permit but they wouldn't let me take the test so i'm doing it tomorrow

i don't know what to do, and i have a lot of homework


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"I don't know what to do until then..."

"i have a lot of homework"

Sorts itself out, no? ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I understand you, but

It's worse when you have the first finals on Tuesday

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I drove for the first time today.

It was not fun. It made me even more tired than I was and it was monotonous.

Also, I think Yakow has a new girlfriend. He didn't tell me directly what was happening when I asked, but it's safe to infer based on what little information he did say. He never talks about that stuff to me like he does with others, so that's difficult. Anyway, I'm spending three hours with him in the woods tomorrow, with nobody else, so I can't wait. Somehow the two of us can have conversations for a very long time without much pause.

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It usually happens

The first time I drove I was really nervous because the guy made me get into a highway and ended up in the main park, which is the worst place to drive; but after time I guess you'll find it relaxing and awesome.

Those three hours with him seems really nice, I hope you two have fun and maybe you should ask him. Good luck with it.

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Ask him what?


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Driving is monotonous,

I'd be afraid of becoming distracted looking at something. And about the lawn ornament crap you see around your neighborhood, is it the typical fake deer and folk art stuff? Or pink flamingos and lawn gnomes? Either of those make property values go down. lol

And nice plant there, down South here we call 'em century plants. I'll give you fair warning as century plants grow, they become a haven for spiders and snakes!

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By lawn ornament I meant Agave americana.

The stuff you see in front of people's houses as decoration.