I want today to be tomorrow.

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There are only two people who are definitely coming. But one of them is Yakow and the other is someone who is also very cool and loves everyone, so he'll be a lot of fun.

Yakow again asked me to sit with him at lunch, which I had to accept, so I haven't gone to my fourth period class all week. It went fine, but after a while I guess he got bored and started listening to music, so I just talked to his friend a bit and fucked with his iPad while he was doing stuff on it. I proposed that we go walking around a local lake that he lives near, an offer to which he excitedly replied.

I'm just writing this because I'm fucking bored and have nothing else to do. I'm also waiting on a reply to a text message I sent a few hours ago.


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You got your wish!

It's Saturday!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I want the chillfest though.

That ain't for several hours probably.