So, next steps...

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Seems pretty safe to say that Oasis is going to disappear this year... I don't see any path emerging to turning that around.

Adrian is in favor of the site living on in some read-only format. I'm not certain that will have any relevance, but I don't have any strong enough objections to doing that.

So, well in advance of the shut down, I want to get adrian to add some functionality that we'll need.

First, I will give users the power to delete their accounts, which you don't have now. This will get me out of the "My stuff is showing up on Google from when I was a teenager" business. Want your stuff gone, go for it.

Second, I want to give people the ability to export and save all that they have done here. So, on that front, does anyone think they want their content to move it to any other platforms (Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.), or as long as you have all your stuff in a file, you're OK? If you have any specific idea what you might want to do with your content, speak up, so we can cook it into the final code push for the site.

Third, I'm also going to ask Adrian to look into the option of something less technical (his domain) and more pretty (my interest), so maybe Word or PDF, so you could open and scan/read, rather than a big XML document that is a big, ugly thing.

Anything else come to mind that you want from the site or to do with your content after the site no longer supports new journals?


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I'm good with that

Will it be possible to retrieve threads in which you were part of a conversation? Also, will I be able to retrieve things from past accounts (whose passwords I have completely forgotten)?

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As for threads, that isn't something I know. Adrian would have to speak to that functionality and whether it could work.

You'd have to reestablish contact to those accounts, but that should be possible through "Forgot my password" or, of course, me resetting whatever you need on those.

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Thank you for the export option.

I'd probably be happier if it were saved as an RTF, since that would probably be a lot faster to compile.

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I'm only taking things as far as a "pretty" option. Adrian will have to determine the actual formats or, rather, explore what modules currently exist for such things and how well they work. If the PDF export looks better than the others, we'd go for that. XML is a given, so not concerned about that one, since it's already XML.

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I'd be happy with the option to save my stuff in a HTML or MHTML, or XML if possible. I'd still have my stuff here probably, but I'd love to have a **ML backup since it takes forever copy and pasting my entires into a text file. :-P

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Does the site really have to

Does the site really have to go ha, people still post?