Weird night with my friends.

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I don't know how to start with this, but yesterday was a really good day and it was because my class had planned going horseback riding plus a BBQ and we took advantage of that last week on women's day because we didn't do anything for them when the school gave us the time, but we had planned a surprise when we were at the BBQ. It was really good, but we had some problems with the owner until we solved them and went to a kinda bar (I can't find a way to traduce that word. It's like a bar, but you can also buy the things you for the daily basic and mostly it's really rustic) and started dancing and drank a little bit until I got tipsy and then went back, riding horses and being tipsy is really hard and weird specially when the horse wants to run. At the BBQ my friends made me get tipsy, all the alcohol was given to me and they just wanted me to get drunk; at 9:30 (I think) our surprise arrived and it was a papayera (it's a group of musicians that play music from the Caribbean), all the girls were really happy, they danced and had a lot of fun, then we weirdest thing happened, I had to wait for my best friend that still hadn't arrived and guide him personally to the place so I went to the bus stop and when he got down he gave me one of the best hugs he has ever given to me, it was really long, he picked me up and almost fell, then he put his arm on my shoulders and we walked like that until we arrived. After who knows how many glasses of aguardiente I took, I was really drunk and like always I hugged everyone, decided to sing rancheras with my classmates and talked with my friends for like two hours in which I claimed the property of my best friend, told everybody about my fake one night girlfriend (a really good friend that decided to joke about it and we even acted like a couple). After I got really drunk and everybody that was still there was drunk and so was my best friend, my friends started asking question, mostly things that we've done with people and that type of stuff, I don't know how I did, but lies flowed out of my mouth naturally so mostly I told them about my past relationships, crush, first kiss (I don't know if that one counted as a lie because I was way too drunk to remember if I kissed a guy at a party or not) and I realized that even when I'm drunk I'm a good liar, other times that they've done the same or asked me about my sexuality I've done it so good that they don't even notice. Everyone was already falling asleep when my drunk best friend started to act weird telling me stuff that he usually doesn't say, stuff like he loves me, that he wants to rape me (the rape part was a joking because I always reply to him that it's not rape if I want) then he changed rape by fuck any the weirdest thing was the position that we had, he was laying on a couch and me laying on his belly until he decided to sit and then proceed to put my head in his chest and held hands for a while until the owner of the house told everyone that we needed to go upstairs and find a bed and the first ones that she told where to sleep was my best friend and me, telling that since we looked so close meaning it like if we were a couple should sleep together at the couch in the lounge and we were going to do it until some friend decided to "join" us and he took my place next to my best friend and I had to sleep in the most uncomfortable couch alone.

That was my weird night with my best friend and I'm having one of the worst hangovers of my life.


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Today I got weird looks from some people, they talked about the unexpected couples and expected ones that they still weren't so sure about (I think they were meaning me) and when I was walking towards a group of my classmates they were talking about something and I overheard our teacher telling them that they should let them be who they are and when they saw me they got really quiet, changed subject super fast and it was really weird.