Worst day of my life!

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I am so unlucky I cannot even believe it!
I have never really been a depressed person, sometimes I get anxiety but fucking hell, I have been so depressed and down today! And this is why:

My dog got sick four weeks ago, and as she lives with my Dad in this remote town, I decided to fly up there to spend some time with her. The flights alone costed 1450 AUD! Which is a joke, to fly domestically I could have flown to L.A or London for that price!!

Anyway, I spent time with my dog and my dad and took heaps of photos on my phone. I left last night, it was so sad saying goodbye because I fucking love my dog so much and it's so sad seeing her sick. Anyway, I left last night at 9pm and got back today, and my phone completed stuffed up and did a factory reset and I have LOST all my PHOTOS from my trip with my dog. It's so upsetting! Then I tried to plug it into my laptop and my laptop stopped working then I go to my friends house to pick up my car, and my car stopped working!

I have never been this sad ever! Nothing EVER works out for me!
I probably just need sleep as I have been up for like 36 hours. But seriously what the hell :(


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Don't worry about the photos.

It seems that memories are much more valuable, and you'll always have those (unless by some chance you get amnesia sometime in the future). I don't have much advice to give right now, but try sleeping and not worrying about the photos. I guess that's better than nothing, right?

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Yeah I guess so but it still

Yeah I guess so but it still sucks so bad! I took SOOO many of them!Maybe Im so upset because she's sick like subconsciously or something idk, it was a fucking bad day but!!!

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I'd say that's probably it.

It sounds to me like that's what you're really upset about.

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Yeah probably. Talk about a

Yeah probably. Talk about a bad spell but fck me