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Today was a strange day. I didn't get to see much of YK because the karma police friendblocked me. I usually skip class to sit at his lunch, because that's the only way we get to spend any time together at all. But this one fucking guy who works for the school keeps telling me to go to class, and today it seems like he's actually noticed that I don't go to class. So I guess I don't get any more YK.

So I was upset and left school. I made my way along a highway for about a mile before I made it to this abandoned tavern on the side of the road, where I realized that there is a river between the school and my house, so I'm trapped at school, basically. So I hung out around the tavern for a bit, and then I gave up and walked back to school for the last two classes and lunch.

But that isn't what made today strange. What was really weird was that YK and his girlfriend spend absolutely no time together. This came out of nowhere. They were closer than ever yesterday, and today they just did nothing with each other. I've been expecting this to happen for a while, and I've been waiting for it, but I don't know exactly what happened. So with her gone I did get a couple minutes of talking to him in the hall, only to discuss what we're going to do to spend time together in the future, though we didn't come up with any actual plans.


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If the only way you get to spend time with your friend is to skip class seems like YK is making zero effort, no? So, every weeknight, and every weekend, and no texting, or anything else can make this friendship happen if you don't skip class?! And when you do get to see him, you talk about trying to make plans that he doesn't commit to?

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