Big Bird

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I went walking in the woods yesterday and saw a massive blue Heron there, which was an amazing sight. It was probably the biggest bird I've ever seen.

I don't have much else relevant to write about, so I'll just update the topic I normally write of here. The yak guy actually shared something with me that he didn't want to tell anyone, so he actually trusts me with these things, which is nice. I wasn't worried about him not trusting me, but now I actually have actual evidence to share here. Now I have to tell absolutely nobody because sharing that information could get him hurt. His spot in lunch was also taken, so he decided to sit next to me instead of across from me, so it was really nice being so close to him. He seems really excited to teach me how to kayak this summer. I wish I had more to write about, but nothing interesting is happening. I'm just pretty bored with everything just going well. Next week should be more exciting, since we're walking around the lake sometime over the break.


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There's lots of herons and

There's lots of herons and pelicans where i live, and those things are huge and scary. They can move too!

The secret he shared with you sounds interesting, too bad you can't share it!!!!!!!


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I can probably share it with strangers.

It probably isn't that interesting to you, though, because it only concerns us.

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Don't risk it...

It's just possible he may even be a fellow Oasie™. :)

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Not possible.

He doesn't go on the Internet much, and he wouldn't be the type to go to a web site like this. He just goes to kayaking web sites.

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OK, now you've got me

OK, now you've got me interested in what he said!