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This is going to be a short journal, but I just have something I need to share here. I was talking with the certain person I usually write about, and he was going to meet up with his girlfriend (during a time we usually spend alone together) and he addressed her as "someone". It's like he wants to entirely avoid the subject of her. The only times he mentions her to me are when I pretty much give him no other option, and even then he mentions her briefly and quietly, and then either moves on to something else or just stops with it. What do you think this means?

Anyway, I'm upset that he's spending even more time with her, and less with me. I ducking hate it. It's so unbearably frustrating it just makes me feel terrible when I'm alone. She keeps pressuring him to spend more time with her, and getting him to spend time with her that he usually spends with me. I hate it. It seems like in a month they'll be fused into one entirely self-sufficient and entirely oblivious being, that's what it feels like. Like I'm slowly losing a friend to something he won't even tell me about.


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He can tell you don't like talking about her? So, he's specifically avoiding mentioning her around you?

If you had a boyfriend, you would spend less time with him. That's normal.

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No he can't.

He wouldn't know if I like talking about her if he's never brought her up around me. It seems that he enjoys it much less than I do, which I don't understand. I don't even care about discussing his girlfriend, if anything it'll make me feel better to actually talk about it. But whenever the conversation goes anywhere near her, he just gets quiet and doesn't even mention her directly. The only time he's used the word "girlfriend", he just seemed uncomfortable, yet I've heard him openly discussing it with a friend, right next to me (and when I wanted to know what they were talking about, I had to ask like three times and even then he only gave a really implicit answer that didn't even describe anything).