Finally came out to my classmates.

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Last Friday my classmates and I went to some club to celebrate a birthday and as expected, after getting drunk and dancing we went to some friends house to stay the night and it was really fun because we ended up drinking 1lt of aguardiente that we never touched at the club so we started talking about dumb things, chicks and stuff like that until I asked them about the rumor that I have about kissing my best friend, apparently we did it and there's a video, after that some guy started to ask questions about if I'm gay and if I've done something else with my best friend, after he asked me for the 5th time about my sexuality my drunken brain just makes me think that it'd be a great idea to come out now and that I had planned doing it this year, when I replied yes all the guys were shouting "I fucking knew it", then after ten more questions about more stupid things about it they asked me to tell them who else might be gay and if I had done stuff with guys from our school, some guy told me that he was proud of me, but I can't remember the other part. Everyone was extremely tired at three in the morning so we were going to sleep, we had to share beds and this guy started saying that he wouldn't share bed with me and he just jumped to the other bed, squishing a passed out classmate telling him that he's a better to share bed and that he's awesome, the other guy that was in my bed just patted the spot next to him and told me that it didn't matter, while I was getting there, the guy threw himself at me hugging me saying that it was ok, that they didn't care, that sharing bed with him wasn't a problem and other stuff until I felt uncomfortable. The rest of the morning was ok, woke up at 7:30 so I could head back home and driving with a big hangover is horrible, plus then my parents laughing at me because of it and making jokes of it my horrible hangover.

Monday was ok, everything was normal and no one talked about it or made any comments, it was just until today that I earned a few stares while I was joking with some friend about us having sex, no one heard about it until we reached a place with three people and my friend joking said "So? You're out of the closet now" and every fucking person stopped what they were doing and stared at me until we left the place, then at lunch some close friend and I were having lunch alone and just talked about it until some guy came and it was uncomfortable to talk about it with him.


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It did seem that you coming out while drunk with friends was a bit preordained, no? It seems to almost come up a lot when you're drinking, hehe.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I always

Do all the crazy stuff while drunk.