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I am going to set myself some goals which I will set and revisit in two weeks:
- No more alcohol
- No more caffeine (except tea)
- At most two cigarettes a day
- Avoid going to town, as this usually means breaking all three of the former
- Do not let friends and my boyfriend from pressuring me from doing any of the above
- Repay my overdraft in two weeks
- After my overdraft is repaid, save for gym membership for the next two weeks
- Go for a run every morning, starting after my major assignments are completed
- Sleep before 11.00pm each night
- Wake up before 7.30am each morning
- To not pick my skin when I'm stressed and instead find something to do
- To think of something else and do something else, when I am stressed and fixating on something
- To study and revise everyday
- To apply for upcoming internships
- To avoid staying and hanging around at university after classes
- To study 30 minutes of Spanish every day
- To call my parents at least once a week
- To avoid seeing my boyfriend too much, except on weekends
- To find another part-time job
- To eat breakfast
- To make lunch at home
- To make dinner at home
- Calm down, breathe and make myself a cup of tea if I am stressing about something


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I sincerely hope you're able to maintain these quite ambitious personal goals!

My only reservations apply just to the first 3:

(1) - No more alcohol

This is fine if you consider alcohol a pointless financial extravagance (or, one that you can ill afford). Rather than just quitting (sounds like a religious/moral obsession :( ), I'd rather see you be able to just master a healthy limit (no more than one glass of wine with a daily meal at home… rarely a second… or, no more than 1/hour in an occasional social gathering).

(2) - No more caffeine (except tea)

The verdict on caffeine is changing almost daily! If it's having an adverse effect on sleep and/or concentration… fine! The latest reports, however, suggest there are definite health and memory benefits from moderate consumption of caffeine (~3 servings; but cease at least 4 hours before going to bed).

(3) - At most two cigarettes a day

Uh… this one's a no brainer! Just quit! Permanently!

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It is certainly a bit overly regimented, but I don't see any reason you can't do all of these things. I always try and sort out how to find a natural balance where I'm not constantly monitoring myself to keep things in check, but I've yet to figure out how to achieve such a thing. If you do crack that code, let me know!! ;-)

Why does the source of the caffeine matter?

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i feel like you wrote nearly

i feel like you wrote nearly the same post 2 years ago ;)

best of luck