Hello From The Gulf Coast!

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I'm Beau, I'm 13, and the day has finally come for me to write on here!

I've been hesitant to write on here because I really don't feel like I fit in with other gays, but I finally woke up and understood that I'm still gay even if my interests are not necessarily going to get the Gay Stamp Of Approval.

I play three sports (baseball, cross country, and swimming) and that's a big part of my life so I'll writing about that often. I think the gay athlete's point of view is missing on here, so hopefully I can change that. I live on Gulf of Mexico coast so outdoor stuff is a big part of my life too.

I'm also deeply into heavy metal which my father introduced me to when I was a little kid, and have been to lots of concerts. I play guitar and drums, and that's often the one thing that gets me through the day. With my year round super short buzz cut I don't look the part of the metalhead but it's not what you wear it's what's in your heart.

This first journal on here is short, but I hope it'll be a good introduction?



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Worry not, I'm not even gay. XD Or a boy.

In reality, one of our formerly regular members is a gay athlete and we've had a lot of variety on this site through the years. You'll fit right in, especially if the place starts to liven up a bit.

I'd love to say more, but it's the middle of the night and my boyfriend wants love. I look forward to future posts.

Welcome to Oasis! <3

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You write very formally and seem pretty mature.
We're all kind of misfits on here, I think, which is why we extend ourselves to a social media- to belong and feel welcomed. And you are welcome and belong here. I joined when I was just about your age and now I'm 18 wondering where all the years went.

Gay stamp of approval from this girl to ya!

I'm a big fan of metal as well in all of the varying genres. Who've you seen in concert?

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Just noticed your new avatar...

Or, have I just not been paying attention?

Your art work?

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yes and yes


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I guess...

my only excuse is that you've not been around all that much lately to keep discussions lively! :)

Unfortunately, once an avatar is changed, all vestiges of earlier iterations are lost (i.e., replaced).

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I've been to at last 50-60

I've been to at last 50-60 concerts, but I've seen Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rush, Avenged Sevenfold, and Ozzy multiple times. Also met some of these bands backstage!

My father's a big metal head and he's probably been to at least 150 shows, and he's been taking me to concerts since I was a little kid. Really good times.


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I feel so sorry for you. Seeing that many awful bands has to be a form of child abuse, no?! ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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You can't post here since you're not gay enough, you can't be into metal because your hair isn't long enough.... if you like boys and metal, you're pretty much good on both fronts, so stop creating all of these rules for yourself that you know aren't true.

Welcome to Oasis! I hope you enjoy your stay here...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I think Perhaps might have been talking about me. Honestly, I can see pretty much where you're coming from, though you're a bit off.

I've started going to our school's QSA (the Gay Straight Alliance renamed the Queer Straight Alliance) and to be honest, I have essentially nothing in common with those people besides that my inclination is to be romantically and sexually attracted to the same gender.
The ice-breaker question, for example, was "what do you do when it's sunny outside?", and most people had some joke about how they hate the sun and will stay inside on their computers when it's sunny.
Which, even in joking, is completely and absolutely against everything I am and everything I stand for. I love nothing more than sports like biking, frisbee, hiking, rock climbing and general mountaineering, any sport where I can feel the joy of motion and using my body, outside in the fresh air.
I have a lot of philosophy around and behind this too.

Is this all the gays? Obviously not, because I'm pretty solidly gay and completely disagree with pretty much everyone else in the QSA on how I want to live my life. And I'm not the only one. That being said, it does seem that whether or not most gays are like that, many of the most visible and proudly gay people who make up the "gay community" at my school are.

But luckily, even if I would never get along with these people except for our single common theme, being gay, no one's going to force me to try.
So I can spend one hour a week basically doing nothing but being gay, and then the rest of the week being all the rest of the person I am.

Basically, you have no reason to worry or change yourself because a group of people you share one small trait with don't agree with you on every other preference in life. Just be who you are, and being gay is a part of that, so you can emphasize or de-emphasize that little part as much or as little as you want.

Have fun here.

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You got it. :P I was really hoping you'd be here to reply to this thread; I knew you'd say something way more meaningful than I could hope to.

* * *


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Yeah… the many similarities between Beau and the swimmerguy of just a few years ago are quite uncanny.

Beau mentions one of his loves to be swimming… was it just an oversight that you failed to mention swimming as the sport you excelled in at the same age?

It's commendable that you're able to compartmentalize your life so efficiently… but one of the compartments cannot help but make one curious about how you proceed… being gay for just one hour a week: :) :) :)

"So I can spend one hour a week basically doing nothing but being gay, and then the rest of the week being all the rest of the person I am."

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Just one more comment wrt "Just be who you are, and being gay is a part of that, so you can emphasize or de-emphasize that little part as much or as little as you want."

Yeah, again! It wasn't what I "wanted"… but it was something I felt obliged to cow to by the society in which I lived. In that, I was much too successful! :(

Your advice can be followed so much more easily today… and it's great that that's the way it is!

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You shouldn't let sports define your personality like that.

How about we have your point of view, not a "gay athlete's".

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Sports are such a huge part

Sports are such a huge part of my life that it actually does define me to a certain amount.

Without sports my life would be very different, and some things wouldn't have happened.

But I also understand what you're getting at!