Moving To The Coast

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I wrote last time in my journal about some of my interests, and this time I want to write about what it's like living on the Gulf coast and how my life has changed.

I'm the youngest kid in a large family of all boys (my oldest brother is in his 30's) and in 2011 my older brother moved out and went to college far from my state's capital city where we used to live. We lived in a huge house, six bedrooms and three baths in a rich neighborhood, but my parents decided to downsize since it would just be the three of us.

Both of my parents are in real estate, my mother does residential and my father commercial along with the occasional house flipping, and they do that so they won't compete against each other. My parents are very competitive anyway so I'm not sure how much that helps?

For Spring Break in 2011 I went with my father to help renovate the house we ended up keeping, and he paid me to help out. We had fun at the beach and stuff but it was a working vacation.

This house is really small, maybe 800 square feet, with 1 1/2 baths, two small downstairs bedrooms and a upstairs. It also has a small apartment above the garage, and that's where I did the most work. I stripped and stained the stairs and hardwood floors and did all the painting, and my parents asked me to pick the color for the walls. I ended up choosing seafoam green, the color of one of my guitars.

The night before we left we went out to eat and my parents told me that they were going to sell our house and move into the one we had just renovated. I was speechless and pissed, dreading the idea of moving from the only home I had ever known and my friends. I also liked living on the Gulf too, and my parents explained to me that they needed to slow down a bit and enjoy life.

We live in a popular tourist area, and we get lots of Spring Breakers here, not as many as places like Galveston or Panama City but still a lot. I'm noticing more gays moving here, which is weird considering this is the Deep South. They're tolerated here even though they stick out like a fat lip.

While our house was for sale we'd come down on weekends and slowly move in and set things up. During one of those visits we met our neighbors and their grandson Tommy, and the first time I saw him it was instant friendship and attraction. He's this goofy redhead, and now is my best friend. My father set up a deal with Tommy to cut our grass, paying him as much as a professional landscaper. When I asked him about that he told me he didn't believe in encouraging illegal aliens.

I really loved the weekends after that, it meant coming to our new home and being with Tommy and it didn't take much for us to become best friends. I managed to get some shirtless pics of him and those became inspiration for me at night after lights out, along with the memory of us peeing beside each other in the woods.

The last few weeks of school I tried to spend as much time as possible with my friends and there was a girl I'd known my whole life who got aggressive with me, and we would sneak off and make out and stuff every day. I wasn't into it at all but I had to put on a brave face and go along with it, and she let me do things with her that I had no desire for. I guess I was good at it because she was loving it!

One day I was at her house and she slid her index finger in and out of her mouth and pointed to my zipper, and she slid my shorts down and just said "Oh!". She told me to stretch out on her bed and cover up my face and she left the room, telling me she'd be back in a minute and I'd need to be quiet because her brother was home.

A few minutes later there was movement on the bed and wet warmth on a certain body part. It felt incredible but it wasn't long before I had to have her stop because it was too intense. When I pulled the covers off of my head it was her brother doing it, the boy everyone knew was gay.
His facial expression was priceless and he left without saying a word.

Honestly it was a dream come true.

The girl and I never said anything about it, and it was our secret. I thought of reasons why she did that, and came to the conclusion that she wasn't ready but didn't want to let me down. I had a couple of times to be with her brother, and it was everything I wanted it to be.

Our house sold right after school was done for the year, and after a farewell party we took the last trip from our old home to the new one. I've never been back there, and to me it's just so far away. I was ready for my first full summer on the Gulf, and it was a great one.



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My house is actually

My house is actually smaller, around 700 sqft. Last year we took out the ceilings and built the walls up to the roof which makes the place seem so much bigger. We also finished the basement, and recently divided it up into two small sleeping areas and a hangout area.

My brother and I help out and it was a great learning experience. Our dad is a contractor and sometimes we go help out on jobs, and he pays us for the work we do.

I'm glad you didn't pressure the girl into doing anything, she probably wasn't ready and her gay brother was. Your you know what probably didn't know the difference anyway ;-))


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That's a common remodel for

That's a common remodel for small houses, makes it seem bigger and more open. My parents took down a wall in their house and it made a big difference.