Quick update.

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Quick update about this week.

I almost came out to some friend when we were talking about really personal stuff and mostly it was because she told me that she kinda got a crush on her coach, but when I had the guts to tell her some friend came and ruined our talk, since this thing I've been noticing how close we're getting.

My stupid brain made a huge mistake on gender pronoun, we were talking about those weird, stupid crushes on people who are totally the opposite of your personality and instead of using a neuter pronoun I used a he, so what actually came out of my mouth was a "Why him?" Instead of a "Why that person?", luckily I reacted quickly and added a "Why her" and it's like the second time this stupid thing happens; the best thing is that I think that everyone knows, but don't want to ask me and they accepted it pretty good.

And as always, the best goes for the end. There's this huge rumor that my best friend and I kissed while we were drunk the other day at some party, I can't remember and he doesn't so it's hard to know if it happened or not; some close friend denied it, but I think that it's still a pretty strong rumor about us.