So in a month my first year of college will be over... What the hell?

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Cute Blonde Girl got hurt recently. Fractured something? I don't know. I'm not really sure what all the correct terminology is. She has to be on crutches for 6 weeks, and she's really miserable because the crutches hurt her arms and she is always too sore to do much of anything, so she's stuck inside a lot. That's particularly awful because spring is her favorite and the weather is finally starting to get nice, and she had really been looking forward to running outside. So she's pretty upset about it all. I went to Starbucks with her Thursday morning in between classes, and I got her a little get well present-- some jelly beans (her favorite) and a really cheesy card with a dog on it. I wrote something equally dumb in the card, and she loved it anyway, haha. She said she's putting it front and center on her bulletin board full of cards.

She's said she wants to have like a million different jobs next semester. It changes every time I talk to her. First, she wanted to babysit because, for some reason, kids are like, super drawn to her. I'm serious, the little grubs are completely and utterly captivated by her. I don't understand this phenomenon. Well, I mean, I understand very, very well why someone would be captivated by her, but I don't understand why it's literally every kid. They flock to her, they touch her, they stare dreamily at her. It's so weird. Then, she wanted to work in a lab because she loves science a lot and says it's good for medical school admissions, but she's worried that it would be unpaid. Now, she wants to work at this non-Starbucks coffee shop and says I need to come visit her if she works there. It's on the opposite end of campus from where I'm going to live... and I would bet an incredibly large sum of money that if she ends up working there, I'll be making that walk pretty often. At least I'll get my exercise. If she gets a job, I hope she does work at the coffee shop, though. I like the idea of being able to go visit her AND get a caffeine fix!

I hate that she's in so much pain, though. Her arms are all bruised up from the crutches, and she said she's constantly sore and it hurts to go very far anywhere. I feel pretty bad that there isn't really anything I can do for her besides buy her jelly beans. Normally if she was sad, I'd give her a big hug, but I can't do that because it would hurt her. And I can't just magically make it less painful for her to go out and do things she wants to do so she won't be sad anymore. (Or better yet, just magically heal her up completely!) But, of course, I can't make that happen.

Besides Cute Blonde Girl's injury, things have been decent here. (Although, one day an old man creeped on me. That was not good.) I didn't do as well on one of my tests as I had hoped because the average was really high (an 87was a B-, what the fuck NO) but I'm still a little bit ahead of the curve thanks to killing it on the first one. Oh, and I have a great story about my second sociology exam. Remember that I made a 100 on my first one. Yesterday, we had the open notes essay exam. I encountered a massive problem. The problem was not the exam itself, but rather that my internet crapped out on me 5 minutes before it was time to submit it. I told my TA and she said to just include a note that I had internet problems, but I was worried she wouldn't believe it because some rooms/buildings have worse connection than others and it sent fine when I went across the street. "My internet won't connect in this room, right before the deadline, but it works fine 5 minutes later," seems sooo weak, after all. I worried about it for most of the day yesterday. This morning I got an email from the TA. She said that my essay was perfect "on all counts" and that I got a "100! A+!"

I did some calculations on my grades for the semester. Barring any complete and utter disasters on finals, I can expect a 3.33 at the worst and a 3.62 at the absolute best, but I would need a miracle on my econ final to achieve a 3.62. The most likely outcome is probably around the 3.4-3.5 range, which would give me around a 3.25-3.30 for the year. This seems low on paper, but it is actually very good at my school and also considering I only need a 3.20 for the year (meaning a 3.30 for this semester) to keep the merit portion of my scholarship money. Sure, I won't be seeing my name on the Dean's List (which I'm convinced is actually a myth at this school) but I'll be safe and that's really all I care about. Actually, wait, never mind. If I get a 3.5 I will be on the Dean's List after all because it's semester-based, haha. Cool. That sociology class was a gift from the gods.

You know, honestly, I think the thing that really helped me this semester (besides the soul-destroying fear of having to take out more loans) was adopting study habits more like Cute Blonde Girl's. She's pre-med and she never makes below a B+, except she's scared she's going to get a C in one class this semester, but generally she does not make below a B+. A week before she has a test, she completely drops off the face of the earth to study. It used to frustrate me a lot, but now I do it too.

I am also pleased to announce that my housing situation for next year is going to be way better than this year. This year, I lived in the main freshman dorm at my school, and it's kind of notoriously gross and loud. That, coupled with two neighbors who completely lack inside voices and never sleep, has not exactly made for an enjoyable stay once the initial "Oh my god, I'm in college!" phase wore off. (No exaggeration about the neighbors, by the way. They'll keep me up past 3 a.m. and I'll wake up to them screaming at 7:30.) And plus, I just find the whole being around people literally 24/7 thing ridiculously draining, which, when coupled with minimal sleep, isn't so great all the time. But even though it's more expensive to get your own room, my mom said I could have it next year anyway because this year sucked so much, haha. So that's what I chose. Next year I'll have my own room, and I'll only have to share a bathroom with 3 other people. They don't have floor plans for this building on the website because each floor is set up so differently, so I'm not entirely sure how the rooms in mine are connected. Each suite has a two-person room and then two or three single rooms. Some are connected like at the bathroom, and others have a little mini hall leading off from the two-person room. I had long since lowered my expectations of getting a super cool brownstone because I had a shitty rising sophomore housing number, so this was my first choice of building because it's close to my classes, doesn't have 20-person bathrooms, and everyone says it's generally pretty quiet there. Plus, it's in a cool area of the city. But I really didn't care too terribly much where I ended up as long as it wasn't the particularly gross freshman dorm again, haha. I'm pretty lucky because when I went, they only had 3 single rooms left in the building I got. The only bad part is that I'm on the 3rd floor, so I won't really have a cool view, but that's okay. If I want a cool view I can go visit Cute Blonde Girl because her room is going to have the best city view possible! I'm pretty excited about having my own room. I mean, I won't have to wear pants to bed or accommodate anyone else's schedule. Also, I can have more movie nights with Cute Blonde Girl.

I was pretty nervous about the whole housing process. I mean, I really, really, really desperately wanted an improvement over this year. Cute Blonde Girl helped me feel better that morning, as she somehow always manages to calm me down when I'm freaking out, but obviously she was not there during those agonizing 15 minutes or so I was in the waiting area for my appointment. Fortunately, though, just when I thought I was going to actually die from anxiety, a guy from one of my classes walked in to wait for his appointment! And he was just as nervous as me, so we sat and were nervous together. We talked for a while about where we wanted to live. He was pretty set on living near classes because he's doing the advanced program in our major. Sadly, he had not yet managed to lower his expectations and really wanted a brownstone. Poor guy. I said I didn't really care which end of campus I live on because I'll either be close to classes or close to "my best friend Cute Blonde Girl, who managed to find someone to give her their room in the nicest apartment building on campus." (She's so lucky, oh my god.) I seem to be finding myself telling people Cute Blonde Girl stories without meaning to. I know they don't care, and yet it slips out anyway. Ugh. I am also pretty sure I get giant stupid heart eyes every time I say her name because I am the actual dumbest.

Anyway, the guy's appointment was at the same time as mine, so I didn't have to walk in there alone! (Like 10ish people go at a time, and there's this room full of people at computers that tell you what's available.) Which was great because I was absolutely beyond terrified of getting stuck somewhere shitty and moral support is always appreciated. He actually ended up in the same building as me, but not the same floor.

Speaking of friends, I still go to that web development club thing. The guys there are really nice. I say "guys" because, well, it's really, really not the hobby to get into if you're looking to meet girls. Counting myself, there are like three, haha. I'm starting to become friends with the people there, though. And this is interesting stuff. I find it pretty fascinating, although there is a lot I don't quite understand. I'll be practicing over the summer because I want to be able to make full projects with them. What if I eventually become good enough at it to make a bit of pocket money? That would be cool. Very, very cool. My school has a little odd jobs database and there are usually a few on there related to this.

I did cancel plans with a particularly draining acquaintance today, though. I feel kinda bad about it, but I had a rough morning, it's not a great week for me if you catch my drift, and I can only handle her in small doses. Plus, we did reschedule for next week so I don't really feel that bad about it anymore. It's just, she's very... boy crazy. I just didn't feel like hearing how hot every guy in the entire city is today. She flipped all her shit yesterday because I know a lot of guys. ("You have GUYS as FRIENDS!??!" Uh, yeah, they're kind of everywhere, especially if you have geeky hobbies... Maybe the mystique is just lost on me because I am only capable of seeing them as friends.) I wonder if maybe she'd tone it down if she got a boyfriend. My friend who waited with me at the housing appointment is nice and not bad looking for a dude; maybe I should introduce them if he doesn't have a girlfriend. Although, this would either tone her down or make her a thousand times worse!

Haha, every day there are tons of prospective students on campus. They're so cute and bright-eyed... I'm torn between wanting to be nice to them and wanting to shatter their dreams of what college is going to be like. I thought it was going to be PERFECT and it definitely is not. Because it does suck a lot of the time. Oh, god, does it suck. But not always. Yes, I hate the econ department so much and am ecstatic that I will never take another econ class again after this semester. Yes, I have met a couple of the most annoying people on the planet. And yes, sometimes I do feel a bit embarrassed that I am not rich like a number of students you'll inevitably find at a school this expensive. But I've gained and learned a lot too. I've tried out new hobbies, I suck far less at public speaking than I did when I gave my salutatory speech at high school graduation, I have learned that fear is the most powerful motivator, and I met Cute Blonde Girl, who has caused me to experience a weird range of emotions I didn't think were possible. Seriously, it's like a strange mix of dumb middle school butterflies and sweaty hands, best friend love, and raw attraction. It's some weird stuff, it's less comprehensible than all the stupid little graphs in microeconomics, and it kind of hurts my brain to think about it, let alone what I should even do about it because I literally feel like I'm 12 again when I think about my feelings about her... but I'm very glad to know that someone like her exists. Someone who effortlessly understands all my weird quirks like obsessive handwashing and a daily need to get completely away from people for a little while because she has them too.

Also, I managed to meet a super freaking hot Scandinavian chick in real life in one of my classes this semester, fulfilling my 15-year-old self's greatest dream. Okay, actually my 15-year-old self's greatest dream went a little further than that, but it totally did involve meeting a super hot Scandinavian chick.


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Hey Duck,

Sounds like you've adjusted well in your second semester at B.U. I'm sorry to hear about CBG being injured, having to use crutches does suck. I know all too well from past injuries. Tell her never to rest all of her weight on her armpits, this actually will cause bruising and discomfort. While getting around, you have to force yourself to use your forearms and wrists to support the body's weight, not the armpit's. What coffee shop was she considering for work? I know you two frequent Starbucks, but I never knew which end of the campus you lived on. My thinking was you were likely living on the east campus, because the new apartments they built on the West side were for upperclassmen, or am I wrong?

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Second semester has been a big improvement over first!

Yes, I am living in east campus. I'm sure you can guess which building I live in right now, haha. I'm living on the east side of campus again next year too. Cute Blonde Girl is living in those apartments you described next year since she is going to be a junior. Getting into those apartments is insanely hard, though, because the entire school wants to live there... you basically have to know someone who's graduating. She's super lucky!

She wants to work at Blue State Coffee. She actually likes it better than Starbucks now because it has almond milk, which is kind of her thing. So, yeah, I'm going to be making that walk A LOT if she ends up working there...

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Yeah, I thought you were on the east side and yes, I have been passing by that building pretty much every day on the trolley. Since January rolled around, I've been taking the commuter rail into Boston and then I take the 'B' train(Boston College) to the Harvard Ave. stop and walk to work from there. My old Pick-up truck couldn't pass inspection, so I had to retire it, sort of, to my yard. I'm now using it to pull out bushes, stumps, and move stone from one end to the other. I have a huge yard.
That is a pretty long walk, but it's great exercise now that the weather is becoming more tolerable. In a pinch, it's a quick trolley ride, so that shouldn't be a problem. It's funny, I just dropped a bomb on my employer. I handed in my two week notice today. I found a job in the town I live in(Tewksbury) with a Mack Truck dealer, so I'm not going to miss the commute, just the friendships I've built over the last few years. I will miss my coffee shop(The Refuge Café), but I suppose all good things come to an end.

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Haha that's crazy! What if

Haha that's crazy! What if we saw each other one day and never even knew...

On the bright side, I will have burned off most of the calories from my coffee by the time I walk over to see her and then walk back!

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That thought had occurred to me as well. I'm pretty easy to spot though because I tend to take up a lot of room. When it's cold I wear an orange military style hat. I try getting on the 'Park St.' trolley before five in the afternoon give or take 10-15 minutes. That way I can make the earlier commuter train out of North Station.

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Haha I'm not very easy to

Haha I'm not very easy to spot. I am one of dozens of nondescript college girls with light blue backpacks!

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Set up a time to meet.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Bosemaster, we totally could

Bosemaster, we totally could if you want haha. Maybe not today with the marathon and the crowded streets and all, though...

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I'll send you a pm to set up a date & time. It'll have to happen within the next couple of weeks though, i'll be starting the new job on May 5th.

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I'm going home for summer on

I'm going home for summer on like May 10/11 so yeah.