So that show Faking It...

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These people. On the internet. Getting so angry over stuff I will never understand. Okay, so you may or may not have heard about this show called Faking It that is currently airing on MTV. Well, it's about two friends who are wrongly assumed and outed as a lesbian couple and once they are outed they become super popular and so they decide to go along with the lie because, well, they are teens and at least the one girl really wants to be popular and accepted. That isn't the end though. One of the girls ends up realizing that she may have feelings for her friend and/or she may be gay/bisexual/pan/whatever.

Before the show even aired its first episode I saw all kinds of people putting it down in the comments sections on the articles on AfterEllen. Apparently Tumblr was even worse with people spewing all kinds of stuff, brining in race and the fact that they are "cis"... for some reason? Thank god I don't even visit Tumblr anymore, I couldn't take the fake bullshit "random" posts of "I woke up today. Went to the supermarket. Some guy was like hey. I went home and ate my nutella and watched Adventure Time. Lyk so randum, ryte?" that get an obscene amount of reblogs. Just... no. Couldn't do it anymore. There just isn't anything there for me anymore. Btw, this is not meantto be a slight to those of you who enjoy Tumblr or the short "random" posts, ect. I enjoyed it for a long while but then... I don't know what happened. I just can't stand the people on there anymore or the popular posts. Except for those of you who I was/am following from here, of course :)

Anyways, before I went on a mini rant, my point was that there has apparently been a lot of complaining and whatnot about the show on Tumblr. I just... I don't get it. It's like people are honestly not ever happy. You hear all this crap about how there are no lesbians (or good bisexuals) on TV, and then when there is or is going to be one, it's not good enough!

There was the L Word: "Oh, well that show was shit. It was only worth it for the half-naked ladies getting it on"
There was Buffy: Well, looked how it (the relationship) turned out!
South of Nowhere: Was shitty teen dramas.

I'm sure there are more examples of people shitting on shows but that's all I can think of right now. But anyways, I mean, some of it is justified, but just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile. IT's like people just love to complain and they won't stop and will never be happy.

I'm not saying this show is going to be amazing but bloody hell, it's only aired one episode. You have no idea how it will turn out. WHy not give it a shot and then make a judgement?

I don't know. I just had to get that out of my system. Hope everybody is doing well!


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Tumblr loves to make much

Tumblr loves to make much ado about nothing. I swear it's like a site rule. The group of people who complain about these things doesn't want to be satisfied with anything, they seek being offended.

I've seen the episode. All of the homophobes are portrayed in a negative light. I don't know how anyone can say it's homophobic so far. And if the characters do stupid things... well, it's a show about high school!

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Exactly! Ugh! I wish I could

Exactly! Ugh! I wish I could remember the post or at least what it was in reaction to but something happened a while back and someone on Tumblr made some out of this world total overreaction to something... I think it was a TV show also, but it was just crazy. It was posted on Reddit so that was the reason I saw it. It was just crazy with accusations, ect.

As far as faking it goes, another thing I've seen a lot of people complain about is the fact that the show isn't realistic because the gay kids are the cool ones and all I can think is: It's television! Since when is TV realistic? I mean come on! And anyway, why is it such a bad thing? Not every show has to have the queer kids being bullied and teased. Most TV is based in fantasy so why can't this one? Plus, I have read real life stories of same sex couples being prom queens at their prom so obviously this is not completely far fetched even though it is not necessarily the "norm".

I just don't get the overreaction. If it ends up going the route of South of Nowhere: Having one girl state that she is a lesbian only to have her hook up with a guy later on, then we can call the show out and say it's bad representation but until then I will reserve judgement.

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I thought one of the key

I thought one of the key points of the show was to have the stereotypical high school hierarchy flipped...? People are mad about that? Isn't it good to have the gay kids portrayed in a positive light?

Tumblr is pretty fucked nowadays. I have to ignore like half of my dash, haha. I can't imagine being offended by EVERYTHING in the entire universe! It would get exhausting, I think.

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Agreed on all points. I

Agreed on all points. I don't understand what these people are arguing about at all. Presumably they are the same people who complain about shows having characters that are not out because they themselves are already out and no longer need to see that part of being queer reflected on TV. Ugh.

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I watched the pilot (you can tell I'm not part of the Tumblr generation, if I wait for something to air before having very specific opinions on it), and it just kind of seemed boring and not half as edgy as it thinks it is...

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is full of people who can't enjoy anything because they're too busy analyzing it for whatever thing they're obsessed with.

* * *


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Watched the second episode this morning. For a "lesbian" show, there are an inordinate number of hot, shirtless boys (not complaining), but the lesbian part is a bit silly already. Of course, an MTV show about gay issues still advances things for people who don't follow queer studies Tumblr blogs.

But that's Tumblr 4 Ya!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I watched the first season

I watched the first season of MTV's Awkward about a month ago and found it to be fairly watchable (when I had nothing else to watch) but the characters and storylines were pretty bland so I expected Faking It to be very similar. And, well, in a way it is but the added bonus of a queer lady character has made it infinitely more watchable and Amy is pretty likable to boot.

Only time will tell where writers will take it but I'm optimistic.

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age