The Forest Primeval (a poem that doesn't really satisfy me but here it is anyways)

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Woman of broken glass, thus I declare myself; God as my witness.
Always I wish to see she who is kindly and decent and loving,
Yet I see still there is part of me staring at mirrors and seeing
someone who takes what she wants and does not look back; lies and abandons,
nary a care for the screams and the shrieks that are sounding so loudly.
Such is the life of a woman who stares at a mirror and sees a
maze of a thousand truths, faces, and voices obscuring her own truth.
This is the forest primeval! The deafening tones of the voices
screaming at me for the crimes that are indistinct in the twilight, so
shrouding my mind and destroying the things that I thought I once knew as
True and eternal; how foolish! How naive I was! I see now.
Woman of broken glass: thus I resign myself, God as my witness.

So yeah. I experimented with something called dactylic hexameter. Did I do okay? I was inspired by the first lines of 'Evangeline' and so part of it is referencing that.


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I've never written,

In that style before, but I think you did a good job. So yes, you did well.