the sun stands still (just a crappy poem)

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the sun stands still
over a city
and brightly colored cars pass by
some on the streets, some in the sky
music blares from a window
and colors swirl through the air
matching the sounds
a man walks past
he's wearing a hat
he hasn't a face
or skin
or a body for that matter
but he walks by nonetheless
and nods politely
or tips his hat
it's hard to tell the difference
your best friend is holding your hand
they are smiling
and they are happy
you cannot remember the last time you saw them so happy
and they nod to the man
because they have no hat to tip
and because they're not sure which he did anyways
the moon is orbiting the sun
and the stars are orbiting the moon
and the earth is orbiting the stars
and the sun stands still

the sun stands still
a beautiful woman smiles
her lips so red
her eyes so blue
she tilts her head
she turns away and walks across the street
the city is growing
the buildings are taller
the music is louder
the colors are richer
the cars are faster
and the sun stands still

the sun stands still
and you wonder at the beauty
as plants grow out
to consume the city
the trees are taller than any building
their branches push through glass and steel
their seeds fall like rain and one lands on your head
it is not a pleasant feeling
but the scene is quite impressive
so you get over it quickly
the music stops
but the colors remain
a verdant melody with a sweet refrain reminding you
that the sun stands still

the sun stands still
and still you stand
and still the trees grow
and you stand fast
and faster they grow
and faster beats your heart
time stands still
but still you grow old
and still your heart beats
and then it is still
you wake from your dream and feel your heart beat
the light shines in
the light is bright
you see the sun
the sun stands still.


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I like this, and it's far

I like this, and it's far from crappy : )


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I just noticed that it says crappy. I thought it said creepy. Okay. I'll read it tomorrow when I'm less tired, since the fire few lines seem really interesting.

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Okay, I ended up reading it tonight anyway.

This was not a crappy poem, and you falsely advertised it, so shame on you. It was a very good poem, as a matter of fact, and better than most I've read. Then again, hype makes things worse, so maybe there was a reason to the "crappy" being there.

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I'd never lie to you
Unless I had to, I'll do what I got to
The you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs