tired but happy

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been crazy busy lately

giving a lecture
getting into performance art
modelling for magazines and art films
getting hired as editor for my school's undergraduate academic journal
networking and building contacts

i'm exhausted
but exhilarated

i love performing and modelling
(independently/word-of-mouth for art-oriented projects, no commercial work, so i don't have the pressures of a commercial agency)

it's really helped me to overcome some of my feelings about my body
being involved in some public performance work has really changed the way i move and interact with the city and the people who live here

last week i did a performance where i made chalk drawings on the ground
as part of a collaborative, one-hour residency
a surprising amount of people came, talked to me, asked questions
it was very rewarding to have people interested in what i was doing
and in my work

in a few weeks i get to dance/perform as a part of an architecture/geography conference
and engage in different ways with architecture and urban environment

then in june i'm spending a week in the country to do another similar performance work with a different artist/intent

and then i'm doing lots of writing and exams at the same time
i see my academic work as creative even if i'm just writing about art
because i really try to do the art justice when i look at it
and the only way to do that is to be passionate and interested in the subject.

so lots of creating in different forms

gaining mind + body knowledge



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I'm so pleased...

that your persistence and dedication are finally paying off! It sounds very much that gloom and doom have been permanently banished!