Unwelcome Advances. Or Are They?

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Living on the Gulf coast in a popular tourist area has lots of good points, but there's also elements of it that I hate, or at least creep me out.

Or maybe it doesn't?

We have lots of tourists, seasonal residents, and the year rounders who have a love/hate relationship with the temporary residents. Even I feel that way about them!

I've never really described myself, and I think if I do what I'm going to delve into later on in this journal might make more sense?

I'm a few inches short of being six feet tall, have brown eyes and brown hair that's never more than a quarter inch long, and look like a perfect mix of my parents who are also tall and thin. I'm allergic to all grains and have been on a low carb diet my whole life, and so has my family so I wouldn't feel weird about what I can't eat. As a good result of that I'm very muscular, not bulky but I look like I work out all the time.

Actually, I do. I'm a bit hyper and instead of my parents drugging me I got into sports to burn off some energy, and that made a big difference. Except that I have this burning need to exercise all the time. I run to school, unless the weather's bad. I run at recess after I eat my lunch (I bet I smell good after that!). I run home after school if I can. At home I do a high rep workout with pullups, pushups, wall squats, and ab exercises every other day. At 118 pounds I'm a bit underweight, but that doesn't bother me. I really don't want to bulk up either.

Except for when I have on tight Under Armour gear, I wear shirts a size bigger and always wear cargo shorts, which hides my skinniness better than anything else and is super comfortable.

When the weather's good and I'm outside I see no point of wearing a shirt, and that's a good idea when I'm running to school anyway, right? But there's a downfall to be shirtless most of the time, or maybe it isn't.

I get lots of attention from other guys, especially older ones. By older I mean usually guys old enough to be my father, but high school and college age ones have noticed me too. And made offers. And got a bit too aggressive with me.

I have a feeling people will say this should be taken as a compliment, but is it complimentary when a hairy guy old enough to be your grandfather, who reeks with cigarette smoke wants you to have "fun" with him at a hotel?

I think a point will also be made that if I'm running around halfway naked I then should expect this? Why would it surprise me? I should love it!

This will disappoint some of you, but I've taken up some of these offers. I'm not sure I'm ready to write about that yet, but I think that will make for an interesting journal? Or a scary one?

I like writing on here. This is really the only place where I can be myself, so it is my Oasis.



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Sexual harassment...

Is not a compliment.

I enjoy attention from older men, but not everyone does, nor is anyone obligated to, especially at your age. If someone gets 'aggressive', call someone; scream if you have to. DO NOT allow anyone to get aggressive with you sexually. EVER. It is NEVER okay, and it is never a compliment.

And you running around half-naked is also NOT an invitation.

I should hope you are extremely careful when taking these offers up. Be sure someone knows you're going somewhere, at least.

* * *


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One offer was a great

One offer was a great experiences that lasted a few hours...the other was just a real bad time, but it could have been worse. I learned a good lesson from that one!


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Heh. I love the smell of cigarette smoke.

Tobacco shops smell really fucking good. Very sweet and pleasant. I don know why any o us should be disappointed in you, though. For all we know, you could be a fictional character. I think it wouldn't be the first time, but I'm not going to go into that after the last time I said it.

Having that much energy is a good thing, though. I have to force myself to take walks when I want to go outside, because that's how tired I am on weekdays, so that's something you should be happy about. Oh, and don't be worried about old men trying to fuck you. I think it's more about attraction to power than to any people.

I'd just like to say that I love having long hair, and it feels great and cozy. Except when it's wet. Then it hurts.

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There's a tobacco

There's a tobacco store/newsstand here that I go to a few times a week, it's a bit of a hangout for me. I love the smell but can't stand cigarette smoke or people with smoker's breath. Lots of girls here smoke and it's just disgusting to me. My father just switched to e-cigs to start the quitting process.

One thing I love about the site is the freedom to write what I want, something I can't do in real life. I'm being honest about my life, but I also change minor stuff so people can't find me. The Gulf Coast is a huge area so I think I'm safe. I also understand what you mean there too.

I don't think my hair's ever been more than a 1/2 inch long, just always been buzzed.



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You should try growing your hair out, then.

It feels really nice, and you have more freedom to fuck around with your hair. It's worth it just to try it out and experience your physical being more fully. It sounds like you've been pretty restricted.

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I would say restricted is a

I would say restricted is a good way to describe my life, but I understand what you mean. I'm just a real basic guy don't really want to mess with my hair and stuff. I often take two showers a day and really don't want to deal with longer hair.


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Running around shirtless as a teenager is not an invitation to unwanted/illegal advances. While a lot of people may come on strong sexually, most usually respond to a "no" just as directly.

Then again, it is hard to sort out who you have taken up on these offers, since it would be a different story if it were the high school kids versus the old men. In either case, the story is the same, you should not feel pressured to do anything, and also be very direct that you are not interested.

If you're 13, depending on your state, all of these sexual encounters may be illegal (some have clauses if you are within a certain age range of your partner, etc.). So, most people are not going to want to do something with you that's illegal if you make it clear that you know that AND you are not interested.

I mean, this doesn't seem to be sexual assault or a pressure situation, if they are asking you and you are saying yes. But it is still a dangerous game, and one you should be careful about.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Damn you got to be careful

Damn you got to be careful doing that stuff, you never know what kind of freak you might end up being involved with? I'd be careful about writing about those "offers" because as it was mentioned earlier it's probably not legal.

When I see older guys taking pictures at sporting events I always wonder what they're up to, if they're relatives or friends or some guy taking them to look at while punching one off?

About what you're wearing, you're male and allowed to go around outside shirtless, and if people like what they see good for them. When the corn get high enough in the fields my brother and I chase each other around naked. It feels great!

I like your writing style and hope you keep at it on here! And thanks for commenting on my posts too!


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I'd chase you naked through

I'd chase you naked through a cornfield!!!!

I don't think I'm going to write about the hookups I had, well at least not yet. It's a tough thing for me to write about and there's some bad memories there.

There's lots of people taking pics at swim meets and I have a habit of putting my hand over my stuff when I'm in a Speedo. My father told me to keep the hands off the merchandise so the girls could get a look...he has no idea.


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IDK, I might end up chasing

IDK, I might end up chasing you through a cornfield...and liking it :-))

I like wearing a Speedo and I'm not shy about what it shows off either! Yeah, I agree with your dad, show yourself off!