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Apparently my body's been giving me a lot of clues and messages. And I'm ready for love, so I guess that means this Summer is going to be a really good one. I'll probably try the bar scene, see if anything becomes of it, maybe the club scene, ugh clubs lol. Anyone have any tips on starting a conversation with a stranger? I've like to hear it!


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The bar scene is often the hookup scene, so if you're looking for a hookup, you're at the right place. If you want to make friends, start a relationship, you may be in the wrong place... of course, I have enough friends whose long-term relationships started as bar hookups, so it is silly to think there is a specific path to things.

Otherwise, online dating sites are good. Scruff and Grindr if your phone supports it, since you can indicate you're no going to hook up on those, and just use them to chat with people for a while before meeting. And, of course, any other social groups where you can meet gayz IRL is also good.

If you're shy talking to strangers at a bar, drink first. It is no coincidence these exchanges happen at bars. ;-)

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guess I'll try out making a friend and seeing where that goes. One never really knows. Grindr, eh maybe, maybe not. lol

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How do you determine that you're ready for love?

Lack of love always seems like a positive thing to me because it means I can die without worrying about anything, and then those feelins go and fuck up the small amount of clarity in life. It would be interesting to hear how it is that you've decided love would be beneficial to you, so please do explain further if you can.

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Look for the next journal,

in it I will try to explain this phenomena.

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I have enough trouble trying

I have enough trouble trying to strike up a conversation with people I work with so I can't be any help there but I can and will wish you good luck. So good luck! lol. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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