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Yesterday was pretty fun, I still had to unload some old video game equipment so I decided to head over to the Northside of the city to sell. The day was pretty good, saw a few people wearing light jackets in the 70-80° F weather. The day before had been cool, but jeez that Thursday was warming fast...

Again evidence that climate change is fucking up our sense of what to wear when going out of our homes. My solution to that problem? Just check the forecast before going out, honestly, people of the city. Guess it really does take all kinds eh? Anyway, I hopped a bus that would eventually turn switch routes and be a straightshot to the game sellers and exchange.

I decided to wear my headphones around, trying to figure out the FM radio function on my cell, it works rather well, but using the headphone cord as an antenna it was fairly prone to interference. But not so much as to warrant me not using the thing at all. I was listening to NPR and local state news for the most part.

Most music I tend to listen to when out of the house is mostly electronic music and being on a bus with a big engine, some things can't be made out even with headphones. The big deal breaker is that the bass register is almost drowned out due to engine. But voice and everything that is talk radio is clear as a bell.

I like the route I take since it's quite scenic as it runs right through the city, passing the dome, Mexican Embassy, 19th century architecture, turistas hehe, modern buildings that symbolize that this city will continue to grow. But then again, was there really any doubt about that? This city's been under construction since the 17th century. lol

After a quick trip I found myself soon at the seller's and exchange only to find that the seller had run out of money for buying items and was waiting on more money to come in. So I waited around to see if his guy would come over to replenish the register, an hour passed. I decided to make my time worthwhile and traded an old N64 for three 45's.

She's a Lady / My Way - Tom Jones
Yesterday / Act Naturally - The Beatles
Imagine / It's So Hard - John Lennon Plastic Ono Band

the N64 would've been worth $15 USD, as were the records, a nice even trade. I remembered that my Father lives close by there, I called him and he said it was fine if I went over. I ended up helping him take down an old ceiling fan and helping him a bit with improvements to his home. We even went out to buy some materials too with his friend.

My Father's friend bought us some chocolate bars, including for himself, that was quite nice. I think I thanked him three times, hehe. What can I say, I love chocolate. After helping some more around my Father's home I got going to catch a bus home. Man, that bus took fucking forever, I felt bad for the guy waiting next to me though.

He was holding something, a box. I couldn't help but read what was on it, and it stood right out to me, "Insulin". I was like, oh shit that needs refridgeration. Sure enough he got tired of waiting and head off somewhere else, I really hoped his meds didn't spoil. I ended up hoping the bus after about 50 minutes to an hour.

On the bus I had my backpack with me as it's what I was carrying my extra unsold video game equipment in. I have a little rubber US flag keychain attached to it. On the back of the keychain is just white and I put a little "Hecho en Mexico" sticker on the back of it as a little gag. The person sitting next to me probably got a little kick out of it. :-P

I've seen plenty who have before after all, why not brighten someone's day with a little bit of material patriotism that's always imported? Haha, it was a good day. :-)


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I don't get why you'd need to use a cell as a FM radio with a weird tuner to get NPR. Can't you just download NPR podcasts in advance and just listen to them off of your cell? I listen to Fresh Air all the time that way...

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all that trouble just to listen to one show on the fly? Nah. haha

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On NYC subways, there is no consistent wi-fi/data/FM, so your content better be sitting on your device if you plan to hear it.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I forgot you lived in the NYC... Well that is useful when the radio waves can't be found. Here the public transit is only "the metro" (public busses). Everything here's above ground. You know what's some shit though? I did have the NPR app on my phone, I forgot I even had it sitting in the app drawer.

But I promptly uninstalled, it would sometimes be eating my battery, for what and why I don't know. But it was convenient when I didn't have good reception and required a streaming internet connection, fortunately I've got the FM transmission option now. :-)