I can't sit still

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I am bouncing out of my chair and unable to study for my psychology final omg lol. So I posted the other day about me and my ex breaking up, that was truly for the best. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No more having to hear say I want have time for him anymore one I really get into school, and he was really pissed when I got a second job. HELLO I got bills to pay!! And everything I'm going to talk about are things my ex ha issues with, but I can now have in my life. ;D

But anyway heheheheh I start my second job tonight (yay!). Its just papa johns, but hey extra money is extra money and I need extra money right now. I'm really excited I guess because my current job mostly is sitting inside a house all day with no one to talk to except my patient but he forgets everything after five minutes so there is no long lasting conversations going on. I found out this girl i have been crushing on for months is definitely not into girls, but thats ok bc I really like having her as a friend. But she said she has been with a girl before and I felt like she was flirting with me because she keep saying stuff about her being a bad girl. But I could just be reading to much into that lol. It's just nice to have a female friend, especially one that likes anime and all of the other stuff I like. Here's to me not getting drunk with her and trying to motor boat her lol.A friend of mine is coming up from Texas this summer and since I no longer have a bf to go visit in Wisconsin I will be able to spend some time with him. I just love my Vache, he's like the one person that knows a lot about me. Anything from my fantasies to my dreams he knows about them. I just hope that when I see him in person that major crush doesn't come back lol. I also started to workout last weekend, omg i was so sore. Not much to say about this, I just kind of wanted to get it out there I mean I am paying like $70 a month for this membership HELL I want to tell the world about it lol. AND my boxing gloves and wraps are purple so thats a bucket full of awesome.

And last but not least besides the girl I made two other friends in school, two guys of course. I just naturally get along with guys better than I do girls and I cant help that. Mot that it would matter much since I am pansexual *shrug*. Buuut I've gotten kind of close to them and I hadn't planned on talking to them that way since I had a bf but i will admit to have a major crush on them both. Which is kind of bad because we are one little click, we spent plenty of nights talking long after our classmates were gone and we got really cool, (even doe they are both about 4 yrs younger than me). I thought I really liked one, lets call him D, but after I started talking to him through text out of school that changed. He seemed like a completely different person and I didn't like that person. So me and D haven't talked since we said goodbye that last night of class. But the other one, we will call him S lol, I really like him. He's really nice and smart, not to mention he makes me laugh and I don't feel like I have to try with him it just happens. I was pretty sure he didn't like me, at least not in a gf kind of way. But when I told him i wasn't into fwb he said ok and that he was still interested so yayy. But i'm not trying to rush into anything especially since i just got out of a relationship, i'm starting a new job, doing summer school, and he'd already told me "when my mom go out of town in june, i'ma have a different hoe at the house every night". Yea...no.... lol that I ain't having.

So guess this journal was really about a guy. Lol oh well I think he's pretty cool.


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Why break up D and S? Can't you all have fun together while the clique is still intact? hehehe.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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That might be some fun, but D personality kind of turn't me off. If that makes sense. But I wouldn't mind some fun with S and another girl. I actually just left from hanging out with him, nothing happened tho, I kind wanted him to try to kiss me or hold me hand. Something lol!!!!