Pipevine Swallowtail

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A few days ago I had to turn in some papers for my college stuff and I was really annoyed by that. Walking back home I noticed a huge caterpillar on a fence and proceeded to put it on my briefcase and take it home to see if I could take care of it.

Well that was three days ago, yesterday it became inactive and had two silk strands attached to a stick I put in its jar. Today it's officially pupating, and now I play the waiting game. This seems to be a sign that I happened upon the caterpillar, apparently it's going to (hopefully) soon be a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.

Here's a stock photo of what the caterpillar looked like:

Here's the most accurate photo of the pupa I could find on the internet:

And here's a stock photo of what the post metamorphosis may reveal:


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I hope you're lucky!

Take good care... and keep feeding us updates!

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That's really awesome. It's

That's really awesome. It's always an experience to watch Mother Nature run her course. You should post some pictures here when/as it metamorphoses.

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I'll post pics sometime,

I've been documenting it about every other day. Odd thing about these ones, they can take a few weeks to a year to emerge. I'll be waiting patiently. :-)