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So we're supposed to be finally going on that walk on Sunday if everything goes right. I might be making some tunes with someone on Saturday if everything goes right. For some reason both Kiwi and his girlfriend were not at school yesterday, I don't know what was up with that. Probably some sort of testing. I meant to ask, but didn't have enough time. Just enough to settle the weekend plan and discuss a couple of other quick things. I'll be attending a Swans concert next Wednesday, which is also the day the new Devin Townsend album comes out, and the day after the new Swans album is released (which I have preordered as a triple LP set). The new Andrew Jackson Jihad album came out two days ago, and it wasn't their best at all, but was alright. I want to see them in concert next month, but I don't think I'll be able to.


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A long walk...

"Let's take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Revelation 3:17"

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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hopefully it'll go something like that. Hopefully it'll happen. I'm not expecting it to actually go through this time, so I'll likely not be disappointed. He said he's been trying to let nothing happen this weekend that would interfere with our walk, and he's set Sunday aside for the past two weeks, but I can't be sure it'll work out.

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I hate to say this...

but it seems like you're the one he's taking on a walk?

If he bails out on you again I'd suggest calling it a long day with him and move on. You deserve better!


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Well it went amazingly, so up yours.

We walked nearly ten miles and then relaxed at his house for a couple of hours. I was invited to go back sometime soon so he could start teaching me to kayak, and I'm also invited to go with him and his family on a whitewater trip, though I'll likely just be in a raft since I probably will not be experienced enough at kayaking to do that river yet. But this summer's going to be a good one, and it's much, much nicer to talk to him when nobody else is around to interfere.

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I'm elated!

It seems that he's truly trying to be a good friend... but remains a typical, somewhat uncertain teen!

I trust you're able to just accept being "friends" for the present... I'm hoping this develops "naturally!" But... don't become impatient!

I wonder if he'd be as welcomed in your home as you are in his? I'd like to think so...

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Of course he's welcome at my place.

But there isn't much reason for him to come over here, since my house is kind of boring and in a boring location. I have the stereo system, some records, and a bunch of guitars, but that's it. I live in an annoying suburb, and he lives in the woods right by a big lake.

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This guy's just screwing you over!

I think you just need to walk away from his games and make more of an effort to find someone who actually is interested in you, and you are going to have to make the first step.

As smart as you are you'll figure it out.


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This guy isn't playing games. This guy is acting normally for a friend toward someone to whom he is not attracted. The problem is the reception, not the action.

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A man is defined not by his convictions, but by what he denies of himself.