Yes, My Subject Matter Was Appropriate!

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Last Tuesday in debate were held a classroom debate on whether or not the subject matter of the speech I gave at the tournament was appropriate or not?
Most of my classmates sided with me, but a few took the other side as I had expected they would.

This is my speech:

"As kids, we are often reminded of how we are the future. The actions we take, the decisions we make, and the lifestyles we choose can impact our futures. As a member of that uncertain future, I feel a need to ask the tough, and when necessary, the uncomfortable questions.

I chose to speak about gay athletes because sports are a huge part of my life and have been for as long as I can recall. Are there gay athletes? Of course there are! Yet this subject often draws laughter and encourages antiquated stereotypes that these people are somehow weaker and not quite as good as their hetero counterparts.

In a country where gay marriage is a hotly debated topic, so should the acceptance of gay athletes, but not only for their athletic abilities.

They should be accepted as our equals."

My speech generated applause, and my teacher told me it was a good comeback. Two of my classmates gave rebuttals, one citing the possibility of inappropriate behavior in locker rooms and showers from gay athletes, the other gave as an example of team members who don't agree with same sex couples having to hear about their relationships and activities.

I think I opened another door that can't be closed?



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It sounds like you're discussing something in the news at present, and two people are bringing moronic unrelated issues as rebuttals.

Also, appropriate doesn't really seem like a legitimate point. If there are rules for such things competitively, you should be able to know that in advance, no? If you can't determine it in advance, then the rules aren't clear.

I still don't see why would have to be gay to bring up such a topic, I mean, this topic is major news this week, so it's not like you're bringing up some random gay topic:

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Nice rebuttal,

just sayin'. :-)

As for the Pandoras Box you've opened, it's out there and it would've gotten out there anyway. In a society making strides in attitudes here and there, this is only to be expected and I commend you for being the one to start that conversation among your classmates.