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I've been spending most of my summer in Baton Rouge, with only a few trips back to Mississippi as my mom moves all her stuff here. Also, the movie Pitch Perfect 2 is filming in Baton Rouge. So I volunteered to be an extra for a night because when else would I ever get the chance to do that? (I'll be in a crowd scene, though, so I'm not that visible. But I stood near someone distinctive for a while, and I had on a headband, so when it comes out I may be able to point you towards the direction of the top of my head!) I'm legally bound to not post any set photos or give out any spoilers about the songs and scenes, so I can't talk about the actual filmed stuff, but the overall experience was completely out of this world. The story I am about to tell didn't involve anything related to filming or the actual movie, so I'm not breaking any rules by telling it. And it was basically the best thing ever. You see, sometimes between takes, cast members would come out to talk to us for a few minutes. I eventually got tired of being in the middle of the crowd, so I pushed my way to close to the front, which was no small feat considering the number of people there. Being short has its merits; no one really got mad if I got in front of them. I didn't make it to the very front of the crowd, but I was close enough to get a really good view of the cast members' faces and everything. It was really fun. The whole energy of the crowd was wonderful. And Rebel Wilson was hilarious, of course. But anyway, now that you understand, I must tell you of... The Thing To End All Things.

Now, as anyone who follows my Tumblr knows, I've had the biggest lady boner in all of human history for Anna Camp for like a year and a half now. The lust is so unbelievably real that it's actually super hilarious. It's a huge running joke at my house. I'd drink her freaking bath water.

I got to see her in person.

Oh, hell yes I did. I wasn't even expecting her to be there, but she was, and then she was brought out to talk to the crowd. That's right, my number one ultimate fantasy woman who usually exists solely in the land of TV appeared in the flesh and blood right in front of me, mere feet away from where I stood on violently trembling jello legs. And it was not even a dream this time. She was even more beautiful in person, so I just kinda, well, lost all my shit. I always said I'd never lose my shit if I were to encounter a celebrity crush in person, but the energy was so high and lots of people would go nuts anyway whenever their favorite came out to talk, so it wasn't like I was bumping into her one-on-one at the grocery store or something. I'd like to think I'd have been a lot more normal in that scenario! But when I saw her, I probably sounded like a middle school girl after 12 energy drinks at a One Direction concert. It sure did suck to be anyone standing near me because I am pretty sure none of them have eardrums anymore.

And then... I don't know why I did it... I just suddenly thought, "I will never get a chance to do this again," so I just fucking screamed at the very top of my lungs that I love her, so loudly that it hurt. And right after I did that, she said something along the lines of, "I love all of you because each one of you here tonight is aca-amazing." Or maybe it was "aca-awesome." It was one of those, anyway. (If you've never seen Pitch Perfect, that won't make a lot of sense.) Now, my little love confession plus her statement could've just been the best coincidence ever, but with that timing and the fact that I was pretty close and crazy loud, I'd personally like to think that she heard me! ;) Either way, I never wanted that moment to end. It was like everything in the entire universe was perfectly aligned. And even though he's in the movie too, her boyfriend wasn't there to remind me that nothing in life will ever be even just a little bit fair!

If I hadn't been a bit dehydrated, I probably would've cried because I have been blessed by my queen. My inner fangirl is still on fire. It was everything. She was everything.

I was so... teenage girlish, though. In retrospect, I'm a little embarrassed at how crazy I went. But who could blame me, right? And hey, I'm really pushing 20 now, so I only have four more months to take advantage of my teenage girl status. Gotta milk it for all it's worth!

So yeah, I got to be in a movie. With my ultimate fantasy woman, whom I got to see in a setting where it was completely acceptable to scream at her and be a ridiculous over-the-top fangirl. Oh, and she said she loves me! (Well, yeah, me and the whole rest of the crowd, sure, but let's not get lost in semantics here!) Boom. I couldn't stop smiling the whole next day even though I was sore and blistered and my throat hurt a bit. I still can't stop smiling whenever I think about it. I mean, the whole experience was completely unforgettable, and the movie is going to be so great if the part I got to be in is any indication of how it's going to be, but Anna was really the icing on the cake that night. When I saw her, I didn't even care that I had been standing in the Louisiana heat for like 10 hours straight.

There are still more parts for extras left since the movie is being filmed until late July, so I might sign up again. It was pretty magical.

Needless to say, I've had a great time lately. The downside is, however, that my sleep schedule has been completely and totally screwed ever since that night. Oops, oh well. Worth it.

In other news, my mom and I saved the cutest kitten a few weeks ago. It was outside limping around and covered in dirt and fleas, so we took it inside and fed it and gave it a flea bath. It was adorable once it was all taken care of. But over the course of the two weeks we had it, it pretty much shredded half the skin off of my hand... Last week, we finally had to adopt it out and I was pretty sad because I'd gotten attached, even though what remains of my skin is thankful.

Also, I might be going to a huge party at my cousin's house this Friday. Huge parties are normally not really my thing, but it's free drinks and plus he always knows the hottest girls, haha. Clearly I've been into seizing the day lately, so I'd feel kinda dumb if I chickened out. But I'm a little worried because I only know him and like three of his friends, though, but it's a housewarming party to welcome a new roommate that moved into his house, so obviously there will be at least one "new" person there too. I'm probably gonna go, but I'm kind of worried.

Oh, and in two weeks I'm going to see one of my very best friends from high school for the first time in a year. She immediately moved to California after high school and never came back for any holidays or anything, so it'll be the first time she's been back in a year. I'm super excited!

I was convinced I was going to have the most boring summer ever, and yet here I am saving baby animals and being in movies and basically feeling like a champion.