I wish today would finally be over.

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It's been a rough day. The weekend sucked, because it was the last weekend before the end of school, and I was nervous about barely seeing anyone for the next couple of months. When I finally saw yk, his girlfriend decided to skip and sit at lunch with him. So I was pretty much ignored, which I wasn't in the mood for, so I left school and just walked down a road for a while. That led me to some farm that I apparently wasn't welcome to, and ended up being asked too many questions by the police, and driven back to school.

When I got there, I was interviewed by the police some more, and had to wait while they looked for my mother's phone number, which took a very long time for them to find. I went to lunch afterwards to get some more water, and was stopped by yk's girlfriend who said he wanted to ask me a question. That created some mystery and suspense, which got me through the next period. When I finally got to him, all he wanted to ask me was where he should go with his girlfriend when they skip class. So I was done again, told him I don't care, and left. Later, I decided to see him again to help him out, he asked where the trails in the woods were that I wanted to show him last week, and I had to point it out so he could explore it with her instead. That left me in an even worse mood.

Apparently she's going to Japan tomorrow, though, so I have three half-days with yk. Maybe if I'm lucky her plane will crash and I won't have to deal with any more of this. I hope she at least stays there and doesn't come back, but I probably won't even be that fortunate.

And I haven't mentioned this yet, but my parents are now divorced, and with my father working in California right now, I'm trapped with my mother, who is fucking crazy and angry at everything, and my sister, who is annoying and is basically also my mother. So this hasn't been the most pleasant time.