I'm a big girl now...?

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So guess who decided she could work two jobs and be a full time student? If you said anyone other than me, you got that extremely easy question wrong..... Who else would my extremely selfish ass be talking about?

Anywho...I'm one week into school and I don't have one book. How horrible is that? So i'm already behind and the semester just started. But the PJ's gig isn't so bad, I make decent money there and I get to see cute guys just about every day. Not regular cute doe...my warped version of it, according to people who know me.

I'm just not attracted to the things others like. Personalities are what pull me in, and weird things. I did mention being pansexual right? Like one of my managers is supper hyper lol omg but i find his hyper-ness and weird personality attractive and can't but think of good ways to put that energy to good use heh heh.

And one of the other managers is a ginger....He could get it in all kinds of nasty ways...at work, no lie. Like he looks super evil when he smiles, and i'm pretty sure he is the only person besides the GM that calls me by my real name but he is so hot to me. Every time i see him, I just think this is what a cute human version of chuckies son would look like in RL lol. The GM is cute too and he smiles a lot, he's like a tall cuddly bear lol.

There's one other guy there that I actually really like and he's pretty quite. Here's your chance to redeem yourself: Can you guess who is socially awkward? You got it, I am. Omg I get nowhere with this guy, but he is super cute and nice. And oh yea there are no girls there, that I'd talk to.

I'm not sure why i flirt with that last guy, It's like i love to torture myself. But so far i'm doing really good on the single track. I haven't tried to sleep with anyone. And the guy from school told me he likes me and wants to idk hell he didn't actually say. His words were "I want to charm you", I took that as he wants to get me to put my mouth around his dick. Am I wrong??? But his interest is off and on so im glade i hadn't told him my big secret yet. Things get lonely but hey....


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"I want to charm you" based on the words alone don't seem to mean that at all to me.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I left out the conversation

I left out the conversation that lead up to that sorry. We had been talking about sex and I said I bet girls your age find you charming and give it up all the time, he's 4 yrs younger than me.

Him: how about you?
Me:I think you're cute but I know better
Him:What does that last part mean
Me:It means I know better than to fall for you
Him: Well I guess I need to start getting you charmed
Me: nawl im good
blah blah about if that aint the type of situation then that would be bad
Him: like I said i need to get you charmed
Two weeks later of him flirting one day and then blowing me off the next I finally asked him if he actually liked me bc i couldnt and he wouldn't give me an answer. I told him i was cool but i was done and hoped we'd still be cool and friends