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More time has been spent with yk again. The school staff member who always made me leave his lunch has finally been pushed by my persistence to the point where he no longer cares and is letting me hang out at the class I'm supposed to be at during my lunch period instead; this is a double win for me, because I also didn't have anything to do that period. With the seniors gone, my entire lunch table is empty and I had nothing to do that period but wander the school and its surrounding area, which gets incredibly boring. I have the woods next to the school completely mapped out and memorized at this point, so I'm going to hopefully bring yk on a walk around there sometime before school ends.

He got a lymphatic infection yesterday, which is kind of odd. He also bakes really good cookies, and I also found out that he basically wants to be an elf from the Lord of the Rings, which is kind of funny. That's the entire reason why he grew out his hair to the point that it's been for over five years now.

Also, I looked at his girlfriends Twitter account and found out that last week he randomly ignored her for two days, which is really surprising. I can't even believe they're together, because they're very different types of people, and she really seems like the kind of person he normally hates and insults all the time. But she also has a couple mutual friends with me, it seems, and that kind of feels bad for some reason. I don't really know why.

Enough of that, though. I was learning about some really insane stuff in physics today and yesterday. It's the end of the year, so my teacher's been introducing us to astrophysics, which gets crazy. I learned about a new planet that orbits our sun, and found out about all the methods that scientists have had to invent to measure long distances. It's weird that all this has happened without me even knowing about it until now. Most of the universe hasn't even been revealed yet, because it's further away than light has even had time to travel during the life of the universe.

We learned about neutron stars, the Great Attractor, random voids in space, and galaxy filaments, and it almost scares me how much of this is unknown to us, and we have found no way of observing this. It seems like the universe is a fractal object, that just infinitely repeats itself as it gets larger in scale. I don't understand why everything tends to form structures, especially how superclusters group together in filaments which very closely resemble neurons.

We also went a bit into quantum foam and strings, which are equally strange. Apparently anything the size of a string doesn't behave the same way that anything else in the universe behaves. Basically, at units this small, the laws of physics no longer apply, from what my teacher's explained. I didn't hear the end of his lecture, though, because class was over and I didn't want to miss the bus. This was pretty unsettling stuff, though, and I need to learn more about it at some point of my life.


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Oh, and I forgot to add another thing.

Apparently she's leaving for Japan this summer, so I don't know what that means. I'm not sure if she's staying there or what, but I think she's Japanese, so I don't know.

In other news, spring is causing a lot of life to appear around here. A bird has built a nest above the door to my house, where it is now raising its children.